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6th Math: This week, we finish up converting fractions to decimals (terminating and repeating) and move into listing factors of numbers and identifying those numbers as prime or composite. We will also identify common factors of two or more numbers, as wells as the GCF (greatest common factor) of those numbers.

7th Math: We are continuing to work on simplifying expressions by combining like terms. We will throw in the distributive property. After break, we will begin to work on solving equations. Students must strengthen their use of negatives and computation involving negatives so that it does not hold them back.

Prealgebra: We are continuing to work on solving equations and inequalities. This week, we throw in the distributive property and variables on both sides of the equal sign. We will also be working with word problems.

Algebra: This week, we begin a unit on systems of equations. We will discuss what a solution means in terms of the system and work on solving them using substitution.


6th Science: We will finish up with independent, dependent, and controlled variables and move into writing a hypothesis using those variables. We will hopefully also discuss how to plan an effective experiment using those components, as well as writing a complete materials list and procedure.

7th Science: This week, we are focusing on writing specific procedures (using a lego activity) and will then move into how to organize and represent data after conducting an experiment.

8th Science: We are reaching an end to our scientific inquiry review unit as we review how to organize and represent data after conducting an experiment. We will organize data into tables and look at how to set up graphs using our variables. After break, we will review how to write scientific conclusions. We will put this to use in a lab and will also then begin our next unit on chemical bonding.


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