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RELIGION  We will finish up chapter 4 this week.  There will NOT be a test over this chapter.  We will be working on the Unit Review for the first 4 chapters this week.  We will start on Chapter 5 when we return from Fall Break.
**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on Thursdays!

 SPELLING Our words this week have “thr, spr, scr, and str” sounds.  We will have our spelling tests on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY this week due to our field trip on Wednesday.

Please click the link below for the new list of spelling words.

Week 7-9

READING This week our story is “The Planets in our Solar System.” We will work on vocabulary, comprehension, main idea, and reading internet articles.  

GRAMMAR – We will work on singular possessive nouns and irregular plural nouns in Grammar.  We are working our way through Lesson 3 of our Vocabulary Book.  

MATH We will review a little of the addition chapter this week and touch on our next chapter of subtraction.  

SCIENCEAnimal Reports are due Monday and Tuesday!  

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will be starting our next chapter this week. We will be looking at how Communities are Places.  We will look at where our community is located compared to places on the Earth. We will look at some different Map activities to give us an idea of where places are located on Earth.  


**We will be going to the Indianapolis Zoo on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Please remember to pay the $6 fee for your child before Wednesday.  Students can come out of uniform, but I am asking that they wear a St. Rose shirt or sweatshirt.  Please be aware of the weather.  I think it is supposed to be nice, so dressing in “layers” might be something to think about. Students will also need to bring a sack lunch.  I am asking that all students and adults going bring a sack lunch and drink, and not plan on buying something from inside the zoo.  We WILL be going to the gift shop, so bringing money is between students and parents.  

**Don’t forget that Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 3-5 and Thursday, Oct. 8 from 2-8 pm.

**We will have an all school LIVING ROSARY on Thursday at 12:30 in the Church.  This will be followed by dismissal at 1 pm.  Please join us if you can .  This is always a very moving experience. 

**Due to our EARLY DISMISSAL on Thursday, we will NOT have PE on Thursday afternoon. 

**Be sure to check the website for the most up to date news at St. Rose!


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