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End of the 1st Quarter:

We made it through the first 9 weeks of school!   Whew!  Your children deserve an EXTRA HUG and a PAT ON THE BACK for their hard work over the past 9 weeks!  Thanks for helping your child have a successful 1st quarter and for helping them to become more independent.   We couldn’t do it without your support so give yourselves a BIG PAT ON THE BACK as well!  🙂 I look forward to meeting with all of you at the upcoming parent/teacher conferences next Wednesday and Thursday to discuss your child’s progress.  Confirmation letters with your scheduled date/time came home on Tuesday.  If for some reason you didn’t receive this, please let me know ASAP so I can let you know your scheduled conference time. Conferences are 15 minutes each.  I do my best to stay on schedule so please be sure to arrive on time.   Kindergarten conferences are for parents only.  Some of the older grades do have student-lead conferences, but that does not apply to us.  Report cards will come home on Wednesday, October 7.


This week we read an expository story; a non-fiction story. The children are beginning to better understand the difference between a fiction and a non-fiction story. The story Friends All Around gave us a chance to learn about several activities that friends (of all ages) like to do in many different countries. This gave us the opportunity to compare and contrast what the friends were doing as well as to compare and contrast the details we were seeing in the photographs. The children did a GREAT job! We focused on the letter sound for “P” and learned the popcorn word “a.” Many children were saying “PUH” for the “P” sound so we are really working on “chopping” our sounds and not adding an extra sound. They should be able to tell you what it means to “chop their sounds” and not add “uh” to the end. We also worked more on blending this week. The children are doing a good job as we are beginning to blend sounds. Here are a few words they should be able to blend for you: am, Pam, Sam, map, sap.   Be sure they tell you how our “turtle and rabbit” finger puppets help us when stretching out sounds to read new words.   I hope they are showing you at home how excited they are about reading! Be sure they are reading (and saving for practice) the “mini sight word” readers to you that they bring home with each unit we do. They are reading words all over our classroom and in many books!   I’m so PROUD of my students!

October Goals:

  1. I can recite (not sing) the alphabet.
  2. I can count to 30 by 1’s and 10’s  (Challenge: by 5’s).
  3. I can recite the days of the week in order (Challenge: I can READ the days of the week in random order.).
  4. I know my left and right.
  5. I can make the Sign of the Cross (see handout in Friday folder).
  6. I can say our daily, meal prayer:  Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

         **If you want your child to do the challenges, please note this in the comment section of the Friday folder or send me a quick e-mail to let me know.  If you are planning on your child doing the challenges, please be sure to work on these at home.   Thank you!**

Please continue working on September goals.  7 students (not quite 1/2 the class) have completed their September goal sheets.  Many children are very close!  Keep practicing!  I will begin assessing October goals shortly after we return from fall break.  It’s not uncommon for many children to complete their October goal sheet before their September goal sheet  strictly due to tying.  If you need any suggestions, please let me know.



Can you guess who likes Avengers, Iron Man and the Hulk?  You guessed it, Owen.  Owen was our STAR student this week!  He was born on May 19, 2010.  His “MARVEL”OUS OWEN poster board really caught the attention of many people passing by our room this week. 🙂  Owen was excited to tell us all about his “star” door.  He started out by showing us a picture of him and his dog, Gordon.  Owen said he likes “loving on Gordon.”  It was evident from the picture that Gordon likes “loving on Owen” too.  Next Owen showed us a picture of when he went to a glow in the dark Zumba event with his mom and dad.  He said it was lots of fun!  Owen said he likes to go roller blading with his mom and watch Avengers with is dad.   He told us he enjoys exercising, Zumba, going to super hero camp and playing soccer. Owen showed us a great picture of when he made a goal during a soccer game.  It was evident he was pretty excited and PROUD of himself.  Owen also said he likes riding his scooter.  He thinks it’s pretty funny when Gordon chases after him when he’s riding it.  Owen has a lot of favorite games he likes to play on “date night/favorite game night.”  He likes to play Zingo, Super Why, Whac-A-Mole, Legos and Spot It.  Owen also enjoys reading, swimming and doing crafts.  His favorite movies are Homeward Bound and Ninja Turtles and his favorite books are The Three Little Pigs and The Day Grover Goes To School.  His favorite color is blue and his favorite place to go is Sky Zone.  Owen told us he LOVES, LOVES pizza!  Thanks for sharing, Owen!


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*10/2  End of 1st grading period.

*10/3  PRIDE Family Fun/Franklin Fall Festival Parade.  Meet at 12:45 in Franklin Community Middle School Parking Lot (Row A).  Parade begins at 1:00.

*10/5  NUT Day for those who walk in the Parade Saturday.

*10/6  Picture Retakes (IF your child is getting retakes they may come out of uniform.) & PRIDE meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

*10/7  Report Cards, Kindergarten Vision Screening & Parent/Teacher Conferences.

*10/8  Early Dismissal at 1:00 (Extended Care WILL be open) & Parent/Teacher Conferences

*10/9  Fall Break begins at dismissal.  Mr. Rounds last day at St. Rose School.  We wish him the BEST and THANK him for all he’s done for us.  We will miss him!

*10/12-10/16  Fall Break; Students are NOT allowed to wear shorts once we return from Fall break until after Spring break.

*If you signed up to be a chaperone for our upcoming field trip to Apple Works, you MUST complete your Safe and Sacred Training ASAP.  You must also have a current background check on file.  We have a few volunteers still missing these two things.  Please be sure to turn in a white shirt/sweatshirt for your child by next Friday so we can make our apple shirts when we return from fall break.

*Students should be practicing their “popcorn words” (sight/high frequency words) at least 2-3 times a week.  Reading the mini sight word readers that the students bring home each week is a good way to practice.  There are a few students that could really use some extra practice.

*Please note that as of 9/23/15 we are no longer allowed (per Fire Marshal) to put wrapping paper/plastic paper on our classroom door to decorate our STAR OF THE WEEK door. 🙁 Please put any words, pictures, decorations, etc. on a poster board (1 or 2) to be attached to the door.  Please use masking tape when putting your child’s posters on the door.  Double sided tape doesn’t always hold.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

*Please be sure to go over the papers that come in your child’s Friday folder each week with them so they can see what they are doing well and so they can learn from their mistakes.  Please be sure to practice handwriting at home if need be.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks to Mr. Boring for coming to our classroom to kick of fire prevention week!

*Thank you for helping out with our daily snacks!

*Thanks to all who have signed up to attend our upcoming field trip.

*Thanks for the white shirts that have been sent in so far.

*Thanks for helping your child to have a successful 1st quarter!




…some things that are orange & the orange song.

…what sound “p” makes and some words that begin with the “p” sound.

…the fable “The Lion and the Mouse.”

…who is the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary & Joseph).

…what we learned from Mr. Boring’s visit; our fire drill (Kindergarten did GREAT!)

…what pattern we see on our number line when we are counting by 5’s; by 10’s.

…how many bundles of straws we have to illustrate how many days we’ve been in school.

…what we’ve learned about pumpkins (what they grow on, what color they can be, the color their blossoms can be, the lines on the rind).

…St. Francis of Assisi.

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend!