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6th Math: Quiz on WEDNESDAY! Review packet due Tuesday! This week, we are focusing on dividing with decimals. Dividing with decimals will not be on the quiz, but adding, subtracting, and multiplying will be.

7th Math: We will finish up working with cylinders today. Study guides go home today for Friday’s test and are due on Wednesday. We will then begin working on expressions, equations, inequalities. This will require them to know their integer rules, so we will be constantly reviewing them as we learn how to simplify expressions and solve equations and inequalities.

Prealgebra: We will work on simplifying expressions this week, as well as begin to solve two-step equations and inequalities.

Algebra: Quiz on FRIDAY! Study guides due Thursday. This week we finish compound inequalities and will learn to solve absolute value equations. During enrichment, students will work on writing equations and inequalities from story problems.


6th Science: We will work on writing observations and inferences, hypotheses, and identifying independent and dependent variables this week as we focus on the scientific method. There is some information in the textbook, but students will receive some handouts and will be taking notes to help them with these skills.

7th and 8th Science: This week, we are reviewing the scientific method as we focus on writing strong hypotheses and identifying the variables in an experiment. We will also work on writing procedures for experiments.


*Math Counts today until 4:00. I will need a final roster by next Monday, October 5. Regular attendance and completion of the problems is required. We can have one team of 4 compete and also register a limited number of individuals to compete.

*I will be talking to the kids soon about the CYO Science Fair. It is open to 7th and 8th graders.

*I am still waiting for the Math Counts Club kit to arrive.  More info on that to come soon. I anticipate to start after fall break.