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 What Do You Like?

This week we read a fiction story about friends and different things friends like to do together. We took a close look at the “characters” in the story and compared what they liked. We also talked about what it means when we see a question mark and came up with a list of  “question words” (who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.).  This is something we will continue to work on throughout the school year. When you are reading to your child, I would encourage you to talk about the characters in the stories you are reading as well as pointing out “question words” when you come across them to help reinforce what we are learning here at school.  This week we learned about the letter sound “S.”   The children did a great job coming up with a list of words for our predictable chart (S is for…). Please be sure you are practicing our “popcorn words” at home.  Many students are reading them every time they see them, however, some students could use a little more practice.  I encourage the children to keep the mini sight word readers they bring home each week so they can continue to practice reading them.  Hopefully they have been reading them to someone at home.  They are very PROUD of their reading!


The permission slips for Apple Works came home in last week’s Friday folder.  Please be sure you sign and return the bottom 1/2 of both pages by Friday, October 2.   The children are going to make their own “apple print” shirts to wear on our field trip.  I would like to ask that each child bring in a new or gently used white shirt by Friday, October 9th .   Sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts might be better for later on in October, however, a short sleeve shirt is fine. Depending on the weather though, they may want to wear a turtle neck or long sleeve shirt underneath if they make a short sleeve shirt.  Please let me know if you are not able to send in a shirt at this time.  I have a few from last year that parents donated.   Please write your child’s name on the inside collar/tag of the shirt. We need the shirts NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th. Look for a “volunteer slip” to come home the 1st week of October.   We are going to need a few extra hands when making our shirts. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!



Chloe was our STAR student this week!  Chloe was born on August 30, 2009.  Chloe was very excited to tell us all about her door which was all decked out in pink, her favorite color.  The children really liked the little wooden decorations (cross, butterfly, turtle, elephant, princess castle) on Chloe’s door to help accent some of her favorite things.  Chloe’s favorite book is My Little Pony and her favorite movie is Tangled.  Chloe’s favorite foods are tacos, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and pizza.  She couldn’t remember the name of her favorite pizza place, but she said she really likes going there because they have lots of games to play.  Chloe said she likes to help her mommy cook at home.  Her favorite season is summer because she loves to go swimming.  Chloe also likes to go fishing with her daddy.  She LOVES being with her family!  Chloe especially loves her little brother, Mason.  She said they like to play school together.  Chloe said she pretends to be Mrs. Boring and Mason pretends to be Mrs. Mace.  Oh, how I’d love to be a fly on the wall! 🙂  Chloe also told us she loves princesses,  playing games, watching the Colts and going to the zoo.  The children were very excited to see that Chloe had one of our very special “popcorn words” on her door, Jesus.  She was grinning from ear to ear when she told us that she LOVES Jesus and she loves going to church.  Chloe showed us lots of baby pictures and other pictures as she’s been growing up.  Chloe is always ALL SMILES and for those of you that know Chloe, you know her smile is contagious! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Chloe!


*9/25  Parents Night Out/Lego Mania (Sponsored by GS Troop 1884) 6-9 p.m. in the PLC.

*9/28  Dine to Donate at Chicago’s Pizza from 5-9 p.m.   Come enjoy a yummy dinner and help raise money for PRIDE.

*9/29  Special visit from Mr. Boring to kick off Fire Prevention Week early (Fire Prevention Week 10/4-10/10).

*10/2  End of 1st grading period & Spirit Day

*10/7  Report Cards, Kindergarten Vision Screening (permission slip in this week’s Friday folder) & Parent/Teacher Conferences.

**Sign up sheets for Parent/Teacher Conferences were out on tables in the PLC at Back To School Night.  If you were unable to attend that night, Mrs. Floyd will schedule you in the available spots.  Confirmation letters with your Parent/Teacher date and time will come home some time next week.**

*10/8  Early Dismissal at 1:00 (Extended Care WILL be open) & Parent/Teacher Conferences


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*10/9  Fall Break begins at dismissal.  Mr. Rounds last day at St. Rose School.  We wish him the BEST and THANK him for all he’s done for us.  We will miss him!

*10/12-10/16  Fall Break; Students are NOT allowed to wear shorts once we return from Fall break until after Spring break.

*Please note that as of 9/23/15 we are no longer allowed (per Fire Marshal) to put wrapping paper/plastic paper on our classroom door to decorate our STAR OF THE WEEK door. 🙁 Please put any words, pictures, decorations, etc. on a poster board (1 or 2) to be attached to the door.  Please use masking tape when putting your child’s posters on the door.  Double sided tape doesn’t always hold.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

*You will find the October snack calendar and the permission slip for our upcoming vision screening in today’s Friday folder.

*October goals will be listed in NEXT WEEK’S Kindergarten Corner.  We’ve only had 4 September goal sheets completed.  Please be sure you are working on this at home.  Many students are just one goal away from completing this goal sheet.  I actually have quite a few “expert tiers” (keep working on getting those laces a little tighter) that help me tie shoes every day, but some students need to keep practicing their address & phone number.  I will be reassessing anyone that has not yet completed all of their goals next week.  I had hoped to do that this week, but unfortunately being out a day & a half this week, I wasn’t able to get that done.

*Please be sure to go over the papers that come in your child’s Friday folder each week with them so they can see what they are doing well and so they can learn from their mistakes.  Please be sure to practice handwriting at home if need be.

*Many of our students are having difficulty tucking in their uniform shirts.  If you can please help us by practicing at home we would appreciate it.  It’s much easier for the children to do this before they zip and button their pants.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks again for all of your generous donations for last Friday’s NUT day!  What a WONDERFUL opportunity for Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Adams and Ms. Hammond to get the chance to go be with Pope Francis.  We can’t wait to hear all about their trip.  So far it sounds like they are having a WONDERFUL time.  Thanks for making this possible!

*Thanks to all who helped in any way with our festival last weekend!  We couldn’t have done it without your help!

*Thanks for all of the trash bag orders that were sent in.  We appreciate your help with this fundraiser!

*Thanks to all who signed your children up to get their very own library card!  St. Rose Kindergarten had the most students in the county sign up and those who didn’t already have their own.  WOW!  🙂  Keep reading!

*Thank you for helping out with our daily snacks!




…some things that are black & the black song.

…what sound “s” makes and some words that begin with the “s” sound.

…what season are we now in and what changes we begin to see in this season.

…Fall Fiesta & another word for “fall.”

…who is our Pope (Pope Francis).

…where we started our day in prayer on Wednesday for “Global Day of Prayer” (at the flag pole).

…different ways we can pray; what I can say to God when I pray; where we can pray.

…the characters in this week’s story and some of the things they liked to do.

…the fable “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.”


Have a WONDERFUL Weekend!