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RELIGION  We will finish up Chapter 3 this week.  Watch for a test over Chapter 3 either on Tuesday or Wednesday.  In our next chapter we will be talking about how Jesus teaches us to pray. We will focus on the Lord’s Prayer.
**Mrs. O’Brien needed someone to help with Mass this week, so some of our 3rd graders will be doing this week’s mass with some of the 6th graders.  Please join us if you can for Mass!
**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on Thursdays!

 SPELLING – Our words this week will be words with the “ch” and “tch” sounds!  Be sure to practice!  Tests will be Wednesday and Friday (if needed)!

Please click the link below for the new list of spelling words.

Week 7-9

READING This week we will be reading a story called “Wolf.”  We will be working on vocabulary, comprehension, fantasy vs. reality, text features such as boldface type, heading, italics, and pronunciation.  We will also look at multiple meaning words.   

GRAMMAR – We will be talking about singular and plural nouns.  We will continue to work on common and proper nouns as well as working on mechanics and proofreading skills.  

MATH We are working our way through Chapter 4 (I made a mistake last week when I said chapter 3). We are working on addition. We will look at Column Addition, guess & check, adding greater numbers, choosing a method, and problem solving for estimate or exact answers.

SCIENCE – We will be starting a new chapter this week in Science.  We will be talking about Animals.  We will look at the needs of animals, how animals grow, parts of animals, and kinds of animals. 

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will focus on Science for the next week or two.


**Please join us Wednesday morning for “Prayer at the Pole”. We will be starting our day off with prayer around the flagpole!

**Thursday is “Donuts with Dad” in the PLC before school starts!

**This coming Saturday will be PRIDE’s Family Bonfire out in the grass by the parking lot.

**If you can provide any snacks for the class, they would be appreciated!

**Be sure to check the website for the most up to date news at St. Rose!

**Students will need to bring a change of clothes for PE CLASS on Thursday.  This can be shorts and a t-shirt (Field day shirt, camp shirt, etc.)  Please be sure shorts are NOT short-shorts.  Please be sure to have appropriate shoes for PE Class! WE WILL ONLY CHANGE CLOTHES FOR THE THURSDAY PE CLASS EACH WEEK!


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