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Here is what is going on this week:

Math Counts every Monday until 4:00. Students should have their problem sets completed. Snack donations are welcome, as well as parent volunteers (even if your student isn’t participating). *Keep watching for Math Counts Club info. I am waiting (eagerly) for the kit to arrive so that I can start planning for club meetings.

6th Math- This week, we will focus on decimal addition, subtraction, and multiplication, as well as continue working on place value and rounding. We will not have a test this week, but we will have one more test next week before the quarter ends. This test will include properties (associative, commutative, distributive, identity, and zero), simplifying expressions using distributive property and like terms, place value and rounding, and adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimal numbers. I am going to give the kids a packet of review sheets this week that will be due next week that will help them review.

7th Math- This week, we will continue to work on circumference and area of circles. We will then move on to volume and surface area of cylinders. Next week, we will have a short quiz over these skills. There will also be a few integer computation problems.

Prealgebra- Students will have a quiz this Wednesday over scientific notation skills. 8th will also have sphere volume problems and 7th will have cylinder volume problems. They will have a study guide Monday that will be due Tuesday. We will then move on to expressions (simplifying) and solving equations and inequalities.

Algebra- We will focus on solving algebraic proportions and solving formulas for specific variables, as well as writing equations and inequalities from story problems. Next week, we will have a quiz over our equation and inequalities unit. We will also move into new material with compound inequalities.


6th science- On Friday, we started working on our study guide for Wednesday’s test. Monday, we will go over the first portion and continue to work on it. Students need to be able to identify physical and chemical properties and changes, as wells and describe properties of the states of matter and changes in the states of matter.

7th science- On Monday, students will receive their study guides for Friday’s science test over cell division and other cell activities. We will finish creating flash cards  that will help them prepare. It is important that students study the material each night in order to do well.

8th science- Students will receive their study guides for Friday’s science test over atoms and the periodic table on Monday. Element projects are due on Wednesday. I encourage students to double check their directions page to make sure that they have included all of their information.


The end of the quarter is near! Please make sure that you are giving your best effort on your homework and getting all of your work turned in!