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St. Rose Parish Festival

We hope you’ll come out and join us some time on Friday or Saturday for our parish fall festival!  Come out and support St. Rose and enjoy some fun, food and fellowship.  The K of C Fish Fry is always a favorite.  The fish fry will be in the PLC from 4:30-7:30 p.m. this evening.  There will also be a Euchre Tournament for adults starting at 6:30 p.m. in the PLC.  There is a $20 entry fee.  There will be kids games, an obstacle course and bounce houses on Saturday from noon-8:00 p.m.  Be sure to come hungry for the “hog roast” on Saturday.  There will be an outdoor mass beginning at 4:30; BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair).  Say an extra prayer for good weather!  We’ve had some beautiful fall like weather lately.  It would be nice to see this for our fall festival.   Hope to see you there!

The Picnic at Apple Park:

This week we read a fiction story about families going on a picnic together. We learned what the “setting” of a story is and that the setting can change throughout a story. We also discussed that stories have a beginning, middle and end. This is something we will continue to work on throughout the school year. When you are reading to your child, I would encourage you to ask them about the settings in the stories you are reading to help reinforce what we are learning here at school. This week we also learned about the letter “A.”   Alayna, Ali and Anthony were pretty excited about that! We learned that “A” is a vowel and has two sounds (short & long). The children did a great job coming up with a list of words for our predictable chart (A is for…). They also did a good job on their 1st attempt at writing the letter “Aa” in D’Nealian. Please remember, it’s a good idea to have your child practice these letters at home once we’ve learned how to write them, especially if you notice they are having difficulty. Keep up the good work!


The permission slips for Apple Works will be coming home in today’s Friday folder. The children are going to make their own “apple print” shirts to wear on our field trip. I would like to ask that each child bring in a new or gently used white shirt by  Friday, October 9th .   Sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts might be better for later on in October, however, a short sleeve shirt is fine. Depending on the weather though, they may want to wear a turtle neck or long sleeve shirt underneath if they make a short sleeve shirt.  Please let me know if you are not able to send in a shirt at this time.  I have a few from last year that parents donated.   Please write your child’s name on the inside collar/tag of the shirt. We need the shirts NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th. Look for a “volunteer slip” to come home the 1st week of October.   We are going to need a few extra hands when making our shirts. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!



Jillian was our STAR student this week!  She was born on June 24, 2010.  Jillian did a great job helping her mom decorate her door.  Hopefully you had a chance to stop by and see it!  Jillian used her 3 favorite colors to decorate:  purple, gold and silver.  Jillian’s classmates really liked the display of colorful flowers she helped her mom make.  Each flower helped us learn a little more about Jillian since the flowers listed her “favorite things.”  Jillian’s favorite movie is Maleficent and her favorite books are Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish.  Jillian’s favorite hobbies are playing soccer and playing with her daddy.   Jillian’s favorite foods are chocolate chip muffins and watermelon.  Although we enjoyed hearing all of Jillian’s favorites, I must admit, my FAVORITE was when Jillian said that her favorite places are home and KINDERGARTEN! 🙂  She sure knows how to make Mrs. Boring SMILE!  However, I’m not the only one Jillian makes smile.  It’s evident by looking at many of the pictures displayed on Jillian’s door that she likes to be silly which brings lots of smiles to her family and friends.  It looks like her Mamaw, Papaw and sister, Makenzie, like to be just as silly by the looks on their faces in one picture.  Jillian was excited to tell us about her recent trip to Texas where she got to be a flower girl.  She also showed us pictures of when she went floating in the lake on a big, green turtle, when she had a “water bounce house” for her birthday and when she helped her dad catch a fish.  Jillian told us she likes to go fishing with her dad, she likes to help her mom with things around the house and she enjoys playing with her big sister, Makenzie.  Jillian loves her family very much!  🙂  Thanks for sharing, Jillian! 


*9/18 & 9/19  St. Rose Fall Festival

*9/21  NUT day for students who had a parent volunteer at the festival.


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*9/24  Mark your calendar for “Donuts with Dad” from 7-8 a.m. in the PLC.  Come enjoy a donut and coffee with your FAVORITE Kindergarten student before school.  If dad can’t make it, no worries, you can bring grandpa, an uncle or a special gentleman in your life.

*9/25  Trash Bag orders and money due.

*9/28  Dine to Donate at Chicago’s Pizza from 5-9 p.m.   Come enjoy a yummy dinner and help raise money for PRIDE.

*Please be sure you are practicing your child’s September goal sheet at home.  We had our 1st goal sheet completed on Thursday!  🙂  I’m hoping to see many more September goal sheets completed by next week.  Hopefully I will have assessed everyone at least once by Monday (I have a few students left to assess).   Please remember that if you checked that you would like for your child to do the September “challenges” that you should be practicing these as well.  I have asked a few students the challenges (city, state, zip code, area code & year for DOB) since it was marked on their form, however, some of the students didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.

*We will have our annual Kindergarten Vision Screening in October.  Franklin School System offers this free screening to all Kindergarten students.  They will send a bus to pick us up.  We are normally gone about 30-40 minutes and then return to school.  Mrs. Salazar and I travel with the children.  I will send home a permission slip at the end of this month (probably in the October 2 Friday folder).

*P.E. every Monday and Tuesday, please be sure your child wears tennis shoes.

*Library books are due every Wednesday.

*Many of our students are having difficulty tucking in their uniform shirts.  If you can please help us by practicing at home we would appreciate it.  It’s much easier for the children to do this before they zip and button their pants.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thank you for your generous donations for today’s NUT day!  What a WONDERFUL opportunity for some of our staff members to get the chance to go be with Pope Francis.

*Thank you for helping out with the snacks every day!

*Thanks in advance to all who are helping with the festival in any way!  We truly appreciate it!

*Thanks for all of the trash bag orders that were sent in.  We appreciate your help!




…some things that are brown & the brown song.

…what sound “a” (short & long sound) makes and some words that begin with the “a” sound.

…what kind of letter “A” is (vowel).

…what is the “setting” of a story.

…the folktale “The Squeaky Old Bed.”

…how the stories Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Somebody and the Three Blairs are alike and different.

…what does it mean if an animal is nocturnal and see if I can name some nocturnal animals.

…what the “3” stands for in the tens column on our place value chart. How many bundles of 10 we have to illustrate how many days we’ve been in school.

…different kinds of patterns (AB, ABC, snap/clap, snap/clap/pat, red/blue/green/red/blue/green).   What pattern we see when we are counting (by 5’s & 10’s)?

…different ways we know God is with us when we are quiet.


Have a WONDERFUL Weekend!

Enjoy the festival!