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Hello Parents,


Just a reminder your child needs to wear socks at all times. Shoes need to have a strap in the back

The weather is starting to change and children are wearing sweaters, jackets and coats to school. PLEASE put their name on their clothes. This will help with identifying the owner of these items.


We are learning to write and recognize the letter Ee this week. The children will need to find something that starts with the letter Ee for show and tell on Friday.

Please practice with your child on writing their name and their letters (Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee). We are working hard in class on these skills, but reinforcing these skills at home is just as important. We are continuing on learning our shapes and colors. I was surprised with some of the children who are struggling on their colors and shapes. We will review these learning skills too. Along with our letters, shapes and colors, we are working on writing our name and recognizing our name.


We are continuing with the color Blue and learning our song that teaches us on how to spell it! We are also learning how to recognize our name and write our name. Encourage your child to sing the Blue song for you it will be worth it! TOO CUTE!!!!!

Remember, show and tell is every Thursday and the children can bring one thing from home to show the class.

Please make sure you keep an extra pair of clothes in your child’s book bag, just in case of an accident.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs. Mace