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RELIGION  We will continue to work through Chapter 2 this week. We are talking about the Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.  We will hopefully finish and be ready for a test on Wednesday or Thursday.  
**We will have our ALL SCHOOL MASS on Thursday!  Please remember that Mass Uniforms should be worn on Mass Days!  That is blue pants and white shirt for the boys and plaid skirt or jumper and white shirt for the girls.

 SPELLINGOur words this week will be words with LONG E VOWEL sounds.  We will have a Pre-Test on Wednesday. If student does not receive a 100% on Wednesday, they will take the test again on Friday.  Friday’s score will be the one that is then counted as a grade.

Please click the link below for the new list of spelling words.

Spelling week 4-6

READING Our story this week is called “The Strongest One.” We will work on skills such as summarizing, understanding captions with photos, antonyms, and vocab.   

GRAMMAR – We will be working on common and proper nouns. We will continue to work on writing complete sentences that are on a third grade level.   We are also working our way through the first unit in our Vocabulary Books.  

MATH We will be working on Chapter 3 this week.  We will work on Addition Properties and regrouping ones and tens.  We will also look at column addition, and using a method of guess and check to solve problems.

SCIENCE – We will focus on Social Studies over the next few weeks. 

SOCIAL STUDIES – I hope to finish our chapter in Social Studies this week.  The test wouldn’t be until Thursday or Friday, so please keep watching the emails and homework journals for updates and Test Hints!  


**If you can provide any snacks for the class, they would be appreciated!

**Be sure to check the website for the most up to date news at St. Rose!

**Students will need to bring a change of clothes for PE CLASS on Thursday.  This can be shorts and a t-shirt (Field day shirt, camp shirt, etc.)  Please be sure shorts are NOT short-shorts.  Please be sure to have appropriate shoes for PE Class! WE WILL ONLY CHANGE CLOTHES FOR THE THURSDAY PE CLASS EACH WEEK!

**School Uniform reminder – Be sure your child is wearing socks with any and all types of shoes.

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