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Hello Parents!

Homework this week: Test Wednesday for yellow & white reading groups (see LA notes in binder to study) over author’s purpose, mood, and pronouns. Test Thursday for 7th grade LA (see LA notes in binder to study) over nominative, objective, and possessive pronouns. Vocab quiz & reading log due Friday.

** Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer at the festival this weekend. It is always a fun time for all when we rally together. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!

6th: Rdg- Students will begin reading the story, “Stray” in their Literature books, pg. 24. Skills for the week: plot, making predictions, &  interpreting news reports.

LA – common vs. proper nouns, root words -dict- & -ver-.


 LA – Review pronouns (objective, nominative and possessive) p. 107-112. Test Thurs. over p. 113-114.

Blue Rdg Grp – “My First Free Summer” p. 118. Skills: context clues, historical context, autobiographical narrative identification & practice.


LA – Review personal pronouns p. 144 (Possessive, personal, nominative) – Test on Wednesday

Yellow Rdg Grp – Test on Wednesday over skills: author’s purpose, mood – review pages 131 & 135.

White Rdg Grp – Test on Wednesday over skills: author’s purpose & mood – review pg. 114. Work on identifying & practicing narrative writing, p. 119.