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Here is what is going on this week…

Math Counts starts this Monday! We will meet until 4 pm in my room. Students will receive their next set of problems.


6th math: This week, we will begin our decimal unit by looking at place value, rounding, ordering, and comparing decimal numbers. These are skills they learned last year, but hopefully we can fine tune them this week. Math tests will come back Monday. Students will keep them in their binders along with the study guide for this test.

7th Math: We will work on placing rational and irrational numbers on a number line, prime factorization, and scientific notation. We will begin picking up the pace this week. Students will receive their quizzes back and those will go in their binders with their study guides from last week.

Prealgebra: This week, we focus on writing in scientific notation and standard form, ordering numbers in scientific notation, and operations with scientific notation. They will get quizzes back and those will go in their binders.

Algebra: This week we pick up the pace as we review how to solve equations and inequalities with two steps and multi-steps. The more they remember from last year, the faster we will move past the review and be able to cover new material. Quizzes come back and those will go in their binders.


6th Science: This week, we will talk about physical and chemical changes. Students will compare, contrast, and identify those changes. This will bring us to a close in our Matter unit. Students should expect a test very soon.

7th Science: This week, we will focus on cell division as we talk about mitosis and meiosis. We will walk through each phase and create cards to help the kids put the phases in order and match up the phases descriptions with images and names. They will also have a quiz on WEDNESDAY over the photosynthesis and cellular descriptions from last week’s flash cards. We had a prequiz on Friday. Two students scored 100% and do not have to quiz on Wednesday.

8th Science: We are finishing up ourĀ atoms and periodic table unit this week as we talk about valence electrons and lewis dot structures. I hope to test next week. Also next week, students’ element projects are due next WEDNESDAY the 23rd! They may need access to their google accounts outside of school, but they will have had 5 study hall periods plus some other time to work on it at school.