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I hope your family had a wonderful and restful Labor Day weekend!  It sure felt like summer with those hot temperatures!

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Chapter 2: The Seven Sacraments

Did you know the Greek work for “sacrament” is mysterion, which means mystery?  The Latin word is sacramentum which means oath or pledge.  In the Seven Sacraments, we celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ.  Think about one Sacrament you received.  How has it helped you carry out Christ’s mission in the world?

We will discover that Jesus Christ and the grace of the Sacraments help us avoid sinning.

Remember: Family Time can be done for extra credit. Simply send a note from home!



Chapter 2 Add/Subtract Whole Numbers

We will use addition properties to evaluate numerical expressions.  We will estimate sums and differences as well as solve algebraic expressions.

Social Studies– 

Chapter 1 Our Country’s Geography

Lesson Review on page 53 #1-14

Students have 5 pages of study guides that are hi-lighted with test information. Please study these and be ready for Wednesday’s TEST.

Reading-  Ultimate Field Trip: Blast Off!

Pipiolo and the Roof Dogs- We will identify cause/effect relationships that help make up the events of the story.  Often one event or action in the plot will lead directly to another event or action.  A cause/effect relationship can be stated or implied.  We will complete graphic organizers to remind us of the setting and character traits.

Genre: Fantasy tells a story about characters and events that could not exist in real life.

Skill: Cause/Effect (signal words: so, because, as a result); use a thesaurus, generate questions

Vocabulary:  variety, transformed, celebration, moistened, fragrance, cooperation, canceled, theory

Spelling-  Words with  /ur/ and /ir/

Pre-tests are given on Mondays. Final test will be on Friday.

25 words on the list (each child has a list in their binder)

Ask what a spelling card is!

Science-  We will be wrapping up our characteristics of living things chapter.  This week we will explore the organisms that belong to different kingdoms and use classification keys to accomplish that.  Our first test will be Tuesday September 15.   (per Mrs. Tieken)

Extras:  Be sure to check out our school Facebook page so that you and your family don’t miss out on the Festival fun!  Our Parish festival will be the weekend of September 18 +19!

Trash bag sales have begun!  Please consider buying a roll or two to help our school. Information is coming home with youngest/only children in your family.



Monday:  Computer Lab 11:00-11:45; Music 2:00-2:45

Tuesday: PE 1:15-2:00

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Art 11:00-11:45

Friday:  PE 1:15-2:00