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                  Lord make me and instrument of your peace, where there is hatred, let me sow your love.

Where there is injury, pardon.

 Week of September 8 to September 11

Religion– Oops, I jumped the gun! We did not have the Mass last week, we have the Mass on October 1st. I have not checked on the Saint or theme yet but the children who were assigned parts last week will have the parts on October 1. Please ask you children about our “ Love it forward” project. Maybe you were a recipient.

This week we will begin our Chapter on God’s Goodness. It will be interesting to hear all of the good gifts God has given your children.

Science-This week we will explore ways living things can be classified. We will then use these skills to classify and explain how organisms are named   See handout for standards

Social Studies-We will be studying Indiana’s Geography. This will also lead us to map and globe skills, specifically latitude and longitude.   See handout from back to school night for standards.

Math- 4th math- We began Chapter 2 Compare, Order, and Round Whole Numbers and Money. We will find and compare values of collections of bills and coins, as well as make change.   Additionally we will use various skills and strategies to solve problems.   (Chapter 1 tests are graded and ready to be returned).

Reading– Gilly Hopkins is the main character of the novel we will start this week. Her character leads us to some pretty heavy vocabulary to talk about a person’s character. Gilly is a very rough foster who has been in and out of several foster homes and is defensive, sassy, snotty, rough, and generally nasty so she doesn’t have to care about anyone and maybe let them love her and she in turn love them. This week we will identify characters actions, motives, emotions, traits and feelings, share their point of view, draw conclusions.

English– We will be using correct capitalization, punctuation, statements, commands, questions, and exclamations to write thank you letters.

Writing– Reviewing and writing thank you letters.   These will be presented to the Franklin Police Department in honor of 9/11.

Vocabulary-This weeks words will help us get to know our Gilly character better.   They are either words in the story or words that show us her actions, motives, emotions, traits and feelings. We will work on understanding why they are so important to the development of the story.

Extra Extra

  •  Monday: Art & Library
  • Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass   P.E.
  • Friday: Library

Down the Road

  • September 4   P.R.I.D.E. trash bag sale
  • September 18-19 Saint Rose Parish Festival
  • September 14 9:00   Energy Safe Kids presentation