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Here is what is going on this week in my classes:

6th Math: TEST on WEDNESDAY! Students have a study guide. We were supposed to have completed the last part of the study guide on Friday, but we did not get there. We will finish on Tuesday. The rest of the week will be spent looking at the distributive property and identifying equivalent expressions using properties of operations.

7th Math: QUIZ over what we have covered so far on FRIDAY! This includes integer operations, square roots, and identifying rational and irrational numbers. We will spend the rest of the week comparing and ordering rational and irrational numbers. This will review skills involving fractions, integers, and decimals.

Prealgebra: We will continue to work on exponent properties as tie in negative exponents and zero as an exponent this week. We will have a short QUIZ on FRIDAY.

Algebra: See Prealgebra above, but we will continue to look at it from the Algebra point of view. QUIZ on FRIDAY as well, but their quiz will also involve adding and subtracting radical expressions. Next week, we will move on.


6th Science: This week, we are focusing on the physical property of density. Students will learn how density can be used to identify materials and also how to calculate the density of a material.

7th Science: We will wrap up last week’s osmosis lab and move on to photosynthesis and respiration. We will focus on the chemical equations of each, as well as the reactants and products of each. Students will have to be able to identify characteristics of both. We will create flash cards to help students study for a quiz early next week.

8th Science: Element Quiz on List 2 on THURSDAY! Students are being assigned an element project this week. Each student will research two elements and will create a Google Slides presentation, as well as fill out data sheets on their elements. Students will have three study hall classes (this Wednesday and next week) to work. They will also need access to their accounts outside of school. They can do this by going to google.com and logging on using their St. Rose email and password.  This project will be due WEDNESDAY, SEPT 23. This week, we will look at properties of elements, such as valence electrons, energy levels, and also how to make Bohr diagrams and Lewis Dot structures.