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Jazz Baby:

This week in our reading series the children were introduced to a fiction story, “Jazz Baby.” We talked about the meaning of a fiction story as well as the style of jazz music. We even listened to some jazz music in our classroom. The children really liked it.  They got up and “moved” to the beat.  I bet if you play some jazz music at home they might even show you.  They liked the “upbeat” version much better than the softer jazz.  The children were introduced to many different pairs of rhyming words in this story as well. We will be working on rhyming words a lot this year, but they are off to a pretty good start. We created two different word webs this week after reading our story:  how we dance and musical instruments. The children did a GREAT job! The children will be bringing home their first reading activity book that we completed together over the past few weeks. Please take a little time to sit down with them and let them tell you some of the things we’ve done.  The students will also bring home their 1st “mini sight word” reader today. These are for them to keep at home and practice.   Please encourage your child to read these to (with) you each time they bring one home.  It will help build their confidence and fluency as they start reading “popcorn words” and figuring out words they don’t know.   We will begin Unit 1 (Families) next week. Each unit takes about 3 weeks and then the children will bring home their completed activity book. We will begin focusing on one letter/sound a week. Although we focus on 1 letter sound a week, we are constantly working on all letter sounds. We will also begin learning how to write these letters in D’Nealian (the St. Rose Kindergarten Way, as you might hear your child say ). The workbooks are NOT written in D’Nealian so we will be using other D’Nealian pages for handwriting practice. It’s a good idea to have your children practice each letter as it’s introduced at home too. If at any time I feel your child can use some extra practice, I will send home some extra practice pages. Please refer to the D’Nealian handout I passed out at Back To School Night.


Please make note of the September goals.  This will be the last week they are listed in my weekly newsletter.  Please remember you can always visit www.stroselions.net and click on the Kindergarten Blog to refer back to old newsletters or to find ones you may have missed.  A few students have said that they haven’t started working on the goals at home yet. Please be sure to do so.  I will begin assessing them the 3rd week of September.  If you noted on the “goal sheet information” form that you would like for your child to do the challenges, please be sure you are working on those as well.  The September goals are as follows:

  1. I can recognize my name (first name ONLY at this time; not nickname).
  2. I know my address (house number & street).
  3. I know my phone number.
  4. I know my birthday (month/day).
  5. I can zip.
  6. I can tie my shoes.
  7. I can button.

**Challenges:  City, state & zip code, area code and year with      DOB .**

Student Council:

This afternoon we will listen to speeches given by the candidates running for this year’s Student Council.  It’s so good to see so many students wanting to be leaders of our school.  I’m looking forward to hearing what many of my past students have to say this afternoon.  Every grade level (K-8) will have a class representative to meet with the Student Council officers once a month to share ideas and come up with plans for activities and service projects throughout the year.  Students will meet  once a month during the middle school lunch period (during our”relaxation time”).  I talked to the students about choosing a classmate that they thought would be a good representative for Kindergarten.  We discussed how we’d need someone who is a good listener, respectful, kind and works hard in class to get things done.  After our discussion, I had each student vote for one Kindergarten student that they thought could do the job.  It was a close race, but the student who got the most votes was Logan.  Congratulation, Logan!  We know he will do a GREAT job!  

“Popcorn Words”/High Frequency Words:

Hopefully you had a chance to look over your child’s “popcorn word” list that came home a couple of weeks ago. The children were very excited to find out that we’re ready to begin reading words. Please be sure to practice these words about 2-3 times a week, you do not have to wait for them to be introduced here at school to start working on them. It can be very  helpful for the children to trace the words, spell them aloud as they write them, “tap” them out on their arm 3 times or “cheer” them! You can even have them search through books & magazines to see how often these words “pop” up or you can have them search for them on signs when they are traveling in the car.  The children were THRILLED this week when they started noticing our first three popcorn words (Jesus, I & can) on many book pages, papers and different places around our room as well as other places in the school! If you have a yellow crayon or highlighter at home, maybe they can search for these words & “butter them up” after you are finished with the newspaper or magazine! The look of excitement on their faces when they see these words start “popping up” is priceless! They tell me EVERY time they see one!  Our class “I Can” book started making it’s rounds on Wednesday.  The children are looking forward to reading our 2nd class book with you at home.  Almost all of the students have had a turn with our 1st book “All About Us.”  We hope you enjoy our class books!



Be sure to stop by some time during the school day the week of September 7th to check out our STAR door!  If you are new to St. Rose it might give you an idea of how people decorate our STAR door!  I’ve already had people asking me when we are going to begin showing off our STARS.  The whole school looks forward to learning about our Kindergarten students!  Below are the stars for September:

9/7-9/11   Jillian

9/14-9/18  Chloe

9/21-9/25  Owen

9/28-10/2  Vaylen


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8th Grade Buddies:

We had a SPECIAL visit from our 8th grade buddies today.  They came to our classroom to perform two short Bible story skits.  It was perfect timing since this week in Kindergarten we talked about the Bible during Religion class.  The children really enjoyed this time with their buddies, but what’s even more exciting is that our 8th graders enjoyed it just as much!  The 8th graders even came up with the idea to share a loaf of bread with their Kindergarten buddies since one of their skits was about when Mary and Martha baked bread as they prepared for Jesus’ visit.  What a wonderful idea!  We are BLESSED!  Every Kindergarten student will be bringing home “A Child’s Bible” in their Friday folder today that came with their Religion books.  These Bibles are for the students to keep.


*9/4   Spirit Day and Trash Bag Sale Kick Off (Look for information to come home regarding our trash bag sales.)

*9/7   Labor Day (No School; ENJOY)

*9/11  Please return library card application forms.  Someone from the library will stop by school to pick them up next Friday.

*9/18 & 9/19  St. Rose Parish Festival

*P.E. every Monday and Tuesday, please be sure your child wears tennis shoes.

*Library books are due every Wednesday.

*Please help your child remember his/her assigned show & tell day.   Show & tell is an important part of improving our listening and speaking skills.

*Our field trip to Apple Works will be on Tuesday, October 27.  This field trip will only be in the morning.  We will return by lunch time.  More information (and a permission slip) will come home in a couple of weeks.  Please be sure to log onto https://safeandsacred-archindy.org/login/index.php to complete your “Safe and Sacred” training. This training is mandatory for all volunteers and all who attend field trips. It’s quick and easy. This MUST be completed before our October field trip to Apple Works.  Please e-mail your certificate of completion to Mrs. Floyd at [email protected].  You must also have a current background check on file to volunteer or attend field trips.

*Children must be in the classroom by 8:00 a.m. or they are marked tardy.  It’s so important for students to be at school on time so they can begin their daily morning routine and get started on their morning work.  We had a handful of students late this week and got a late start on their morning work.

*Please be sure to write your child’s name on all of his/her belongings. Every year our lost & found grows rather quickly, it’s much easier to find the owner of a lost item if it’s labeled with a name.

*If at any time your e-mail address changes, PLEASE send me a message so that I can continue to keep you updated on all of the great things going on here at St. Rose.   You should be receiving Mrs. Floyd’s weekly ROAR every Monday and my newsletter “blog” link every Friday.  If not, there is a problem so please let me know so we can fix it and keep you in the loop. You can also find my newsletter at www.stroselions.net  under the Kindergarten “blog” tab.

*We will continue collecting plastic lids this year in hopes to make more benches made from recycled lids.  Please check out the St. Rose website for more information.


*Thank you for helping out with the snacks every day!   The children are really enjoying snack time!

*Thanks to all who attended this week’s PRIDE meeting!  I heard they had a great turn out!

*Thanks to all who returned their library card application! I realize some of the children already have library cards.

*Thanks for encouraging your child to walk down to our classroom independently! Some students did this for the 1st time this week and they were so PROUD!

*Thanks to Mrs. O’Brien (MS Religion teacher) and the 8th grade class for coming to our classroom to share their skits with us!




…things that are yellow and the “yellow song.”

Jazz Baby & some of the “jazz” instruments we learned about.

…how excited Mrs. Mace was when we read our 1st “mini sight word” reader to her on Thursday.

…how many bundles of “ten straws” we have for our calendar now that we’ve been in school more than 20 days (2 bundles of 10).

…what we do before Fr. Steve reads the Gospel (story from the bible) at mass.

…what we call the “holy” book where we read stories about Jesus.

…the skits our 8th grade buddies did for us.

…what we learned about the Franklin Library from Ms. Heather.

…some of the centers we did this week (listening center, Geoboards, # puzzles, letter game, Play-Doh).

…student council speeches.

…Spirit Day activity.

…going to the computer lab for the 1st time.


Have a WONDERFUL 3-Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day!  Enjoy!