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Here is what is going on in my classroom this week…

6th Science: We continue to work on our lab skills as we discuss our volume lab from last week and review how to use a metric ruler. I hope to move into the importance of density this week, including how to calculate it, and then wrap up our study on physical properties by discussing the states of matter. This will hopefully take us to a quiz sometime next week over physical and chemical properties.

7th Science: This week, we are doing a lab that will allow us to simulate osmosis and tie in what we discussed last week in regards to the diffusion of water through channels in a semi-permeable membrane. I hope to introduce the Chromebooks this week, so students will hopefully get to write their lab conclusion via Google Docs and then submit it to me online. Students may need to finish this online at home. The user agreement mentioned that the Google Chrome browser and access to the internet would be needed if students were going to access their work at home. Please let me know if this is going to be an issue. Work will be assigned in several classes (in the future) and students may not finish here at school.

8th Science: We are focusing on the structure of the periodic table this week, as well as working on memorizing several of the elements and symbols on the table. The students will have a quiz on the first list of elements on Thursday.


6th Math: This week, we are focusing on the parts of expressions, simplifying expressions by combining like terms, and properties of operations (commutative, associative, identity, and distributive). A test is quickly approaching over all that we have learned so far and will probably occur late next week, although a brief pop quiz here and there this week might occur.

7th Math: This week, we are finishing up with approximating square roots and will focus on identifying rational and irrational numbers from sets of numbers. Students will also be expected to order rational and irrational numbers in least to greatest order and place them correctly on a number line.

Prealgebra (8th): Students will be focusing on combining the properties of exponents this week, as well as zero as an exponent and having negative exponents.

Algebra: Students will review the exponent properties this week. This will include material from last year but will be taken a step farther.


Roessler Notes-

Any 7th grader who has not  returned a Chromebook user agreement should do so ASAP. We will not begin using them until all students have returned the agreement.

This week, I will make a list of students who are interested in participating in Math Counts and the days that they think they are available to meet after school for practice until 4 pm. It will be difficult to choose a day that will work for everyone, so I will have to choose what works for the majority. I also ask that if a student joins, they look at the long term (the competition is in February) and stick with it, as I have to register a certain number of kids to make a team and pay early on. *I would like to start meeting next week!