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Hello Parents!

Homework this week: vocab ws due Tues (7th & 8th) & Wed (6th), reading log due Thurs, vocab quiz on Fri, and any unfinished work from class (on an individual basis).


6th: Students will identify the six traits of writing in written works. We will walk through the story, “Body of Evidence” together as a class to identify and highlight the traits in that story. Students will then read, “Carpet Fitter” in small groups to show understanding in identifying the traits on their own. Retaining these traits will be key to developing their writing skills for the next three years.


 LA – prefix re- & personal pronouns p. 114

Blue Rdg Grp – “All Summer in a Day” p. 92, skills: author’s purpose, setting, bibliography & annotations


LA – suffixes -ize & -yze, personal pronouns p. 144

Yellow Rdg Grp – “An American Childhood” p. 137, skills: author’s purpose, mood

White Rdg Grp – “The Speckled Band” p. 106, skills: recognizing details that indicate author’s purpose, mood, identifying narrative writing