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You'll Move Mountains

Your children are doing a GREAT job adjusting to Kindergarten!  Normally by the 3rd week of school I challenge the children to begin walking to our classroom by themselves if they aren’t already doing so, however, this year many of the children are already doing this on their own.  WOW!  I always love to see how PROUD they are walking down the hallway as they are becoming more independent.  I do realize there might be some mornings that your child might need help carrying in a snack or that you might need to talk with me, but I do encourage all of the children to begin walking to our classroom by themselves the majority of the time.  It helps the children gain independence and begin their morning routine in a timely manner.  Please remember that we have only been in school 3 weeks and they are still getting used to their new routine and responsibilities.  Full-day Kindergarten can definitely wear the little ones out by the time they get home from school so please be sure they are starting their day with a nutritious breakfast and getting to bed at a decent time (hopefully 8:00 p.m. at the latest). We definitely have a few things to work on (especially talking; this is a “social” bunch), however, your children are off to a GREAT start!  We’ve even received a few compliments for how well they are behaving at mass and improving at cleaning up their trash after lunch.  Keep up the good work!

Hands Can:

This week in our reading series, we read an Expository (Informational Text) story called “Hands Can.”   We discussed how this story was different from last weeks because it shared FACTS with us.  We also discussed how this story used photographs of real people instead of illustrations. The children enjoyed reading about all of the different things our hands can do and could relate to many of the pictures.  As we learned our new popcorn word, can, we also talked about many other things we CAN do. The children came up with a GREAT list!  We decided to take photographs (like this week’s story) to create our own class book titled I Can.  Each child had a chance to dictate something they can do and then got their picture taken demonstrating it.  The children are EXCITED to take turns bringing home our 2nd class book next week (hopefully by Monday it will be finished) so they can read it with/to their family! This book will come home just like the “All About Us” book that is still making it’s rounds to everyone’s house.  Please be sure to return the book the day after your child brings it home so that everyone gets a turn.  ENJOY READING WITH YOUR CHILD!


As I discussed at “Back To School Night,” each month the Kindergartners will have a set of goals to be working on (“GOAL SHEET”) at home.   Although the Kindergartners do not bring home “homework” every evening, I EXPECT them to be working on their monthly goals on a regular basis as well as reading every night (someone reading to them) and practicing their “popcorn words.”  It is important that you reinforce these goals at home with your child.  I realize that tying shoes can be very difficult for some, but the more practice they get the better.  It is not unusual for some children to struggle with this goal for a while, but as you can imagine, if we spent all day tying shoes for 17 children we wouldn’t get much done.  If your child does not have “tie” shoes you can use a “tie” book for them to practice on (Scholastic Book Clubs usually offer these.).   Sometimes using 2 different color shoestrings can be helpful too.  If you feel like your child is struggling with a particular goal, please let me know and we can try to find a way to help your child be successful. Your child will bring home their goal sheet once it is completed.   If they do not get their goal sheet the 1st time I assess them, I will send home a “goal sheet update form” to let you know which goals they have completed so far and which ones they may still need to work on.  If your child does not bring home their goal sheet as early as you would expect them to, it may simply be because I have not had a chance to assess them yet.  Please be reminded that it takes time to assess 17 children on an individual basis on these skills.  I will BEGIN assessing around the 3rd week of September.  If I notice your child is struggling with a particular goal you will be notified, otherwise they will bring home their goal sheet once I have had time to assess them on each of the following goals.  The September goals are as follows:

  1. I can recognize my name (first name ONLY at this time; not nickname).
  2. I know my address (house number & street).
  3. I know my phone number.
  4. I know my birthday (month/day).
  5. I can zip.
  6. I can tie my shoes.
  7. I can button.

**Each year I have a few children that like/need an “added challenge.” The September challenges were listed on the form that came home in last week’s Friday folder (City/State/Zip with address, Area Code with phone number & Year with birthday).  If you forgot to mark that you would like your child to do the challenges, please be sure to let me know.  You can note this in the comment section of the Friday folder or you can send me a quick e-mail.   The challenges are NOT mandatory, but please be sure you are practicing them if you marked that you want your child to do the challenges.**



As I noted in the “Back To School Night” packet, we will begin having a “star of the week.” If ever we have a 4-day week we will NOT have a STAR. We like to celebrate every child for a whole school week.  Hopefully you had a chance to read through the “star” information in the Back To School Night packet I handed out (if not, please do).   The “star envelope” will come home one week before your child is our “star.” Just a reminder that we DO have to keep the glass part of our door uncovered.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Every week our “star” will be featured in our newsletter.  Below are the upcoming stars:

9/7-9/11   Jillian

9/14-9/18  Chloe

9/21-9/25  Owen

9/28-10/2  Vaylen


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*9/1 PRIDE meeting @ 6:30 p.m. in the studio. Your child will receive a NUT certificate just for your attendance. There will be 8th graders available to babysit for $1.

*9/4   Spirit Day; Children can wear jeans/shorts and our school colors (shirt with blue and/or yellow in it).

*9/7 Labor Day (No School; ENJOY)

*Please practice popcorn words a few times a week.  You do not have to wait until the word is introduced at school to begin practicing them.

*Library books are due every Wednesday.

*The children made puppets today that can be used for practicing their address and phone number.   The more the children can use their senses to help them learn the better. Role-playing can be very helpful as well as making up a song or rhyme if they are having a difficult time.  If you need suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

*The September snack calendar is coming home in today’s Friday folder.  Please hold on to it until your child has had his/her turn.

*Thanks to Ms. Edwards and Mrs. Larnour who signed up at Back To School Night to be our “Room Moms” to help organize/coordinate our 3 holiday parties (Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day). Thanks to all who signed up to help provide what we need for the parties and to all who filled in the missing spots.  ALL ARE WELCOME to attend the parties even if you aren’t a “room mom.”   We can never have enough helpers for our parties.  As the dates get closer our room moms will send you a reminder about how you signed up to help.

*Please be sure to log onto https://safeandsacred-archindy.org/login/index.php to complete your “Safe and Sacred” training. This training is mandatory for all volunteers and all who attend field trips. It’s quick and easy. This MUST be completed before our October field trip to Apple Works.  Please e-mail your certificate of completion to Mrs. Floyd at [email protected].  You must also have a current background check on file to volunteer or attend field trips.  I hope to have a date for Apple Works by the end of next week, stay tuned.

*Children must be in the classroom by 8:00 a.m. or they are marked tardy.  It’s so important for them to be there on time so they can begin their daily morning routine and get started on their morning work.  If the children arrive before 7:50, please be sure to have them wait in the PLC.

*Please be sure to check the hot lunch calendar on our website to make sure your child likes what’s for lunch.  If not, please be sure to pack a lunch. We want to be sure the children are getting enough to eat for lunch.

*Please be sure to write your child’s name on all of his/her belongings. Every year our lost & found grows rather quickly, it’s much easier to find the owner of a lost item if it’s labeled with a name.

*If at any time your e-mail address changes, PLEASE send me a message so that I can continue to keep you updated on all of the great things going on here at St. Rose.   You should be receiving Mrs. Floyd’s weekly ROAR every Monday and my newsletter “blog” link every Friday.  If not, there is a problem so please let me know so we can fix it and keep you in the loop. You can also find my newsletter at www.stroselions.net  under the Kindergarten “blog” tab.


*Thank you for helping out with the snacks every day!   The children are really enjoying snack time!

*Thank you for all of the Scholastic Book Orders. I received A LOT of free books and materials for our classroom!

*Thanks to all who signed up last week to help out in some way for our 3 holiday parties this year!

*Thanks to the Franklin Library for visiting our classroom today to talk all about the wonderful programs they have to offer and for encouraging the children to get their own library card if they don’t already have one!  I would LOVE to find out that ALL 17 of my students have a library card or will be signing up to receive one during the “Library Card Application Drive” beginning October 1-December 31.  Talk about making your Kindergarten teacher SMILE!

*Thanks for sending me such WONDERFUL children!




…things that are green and our “green” song.

Hands Can & the folktale we read, “The Gingerbread Boy.”

…what kinds of words many poems have in them (rhyming words).

…how many bundles of 10 straws we have and how many “ones” we have to illustrate how many days we’ve been in school (1 bundle of 10 straws & 7 ones).

…why we “circle” some numbers on our daily number line and why we “box” others (we are learning to count by 5’s & 10’s this year).

…our visitor from the Franklin Library.

…why it’s important to call people by their name and whose name is Holy. Who calls us each by name?

…different ways we can sort items (have your little one help sort laundry or grocery items) & the activities we did with magazines.

We want to wish Torie and her family the BEST of luck as they move next week!  We know St. Malachy will be blessed to have her family as their newest “Shamrocks,” but we will miss Torie and her family for sure!  May God continue to bless them!  We’ve enjoyed having Torie in our class this year and we send her off with “Lion Love.”  We look forward to her visiting us when she comes to Franklin to visit!

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend!