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Good afternoon!

A great BIG thank you for attending our Back to School Night last week! It was a pleasure to see and meet you.  I hope I was able to answer any of your questions. If not, please drop me a line.  Also be sure to subscribe to my “Remind” texts.  If you need information on how to do this, let me know.  It’s optional and free!

Remember to check our school website weekly (maybe daily!) to stay current with all our school activities.

Make a joyful noise to God! Have a blessed week!



Ask about our “Attitude is Gratitude” journals!  We are working to create grateful hearts.

Chapter 1: God’s Wonderful Creation

This week we will learn about the Blessed Trinity.  It is the mystery of one God in three Divine Persons.  God gives life to creation.  All of creation is a sign of God’s love.

Remember: Family Time can be done for extra credit. Simply send a note from home!


Chapter 1 Place Value of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Lesson 4: Compare, Order , and Round Whole Numbers

Lesson 5: Place Value through the Thousands

Test will hopefully be next week.  Check assignment notebooks to stay current.

Social Studies– 

Chapter 1 Our Country’s Geography

Lesson 3: Climate and Vegetation Regions

The United States can be divided into regions based on different kinds of climate and vegetation. This will help us understand why people live differently in different parts of the country.

What climate region do we live in? What types of vegetation fill our land?  How is it different in other parts of the US?


Story for the week is Forests of the World: How are geography and climate related to the kinds of trees, plants and animals that inhabit different forests around the world?

Genre: nonfiction article that presents facts and information

Skill: Compare and Contrast using a Venn diagram, discuss text structure as an organizational pattern for presenting information.  We will identify how people, objects and events are alike and different

Vocabulary: quest, settings, reduce, buffet, major


Spelling-  Words with “U” sounds

Pre-tests are given on Mondays. Final test will be on Friday.

25 words on the list (each child has a list in their binder)

Ask what a spelling card is!

Science- Classifying living things. All living things are made up of cells,  the basic unit of life, and classified into kingdoms.


Beginning Band information sessions on Aug. 25 and Aug. 27 at Roncalli High School.  Only need to attend one session. Please email questions to Joe Humberd at [email protected]

Thanks to all who attended our Back to School Night sessions last week!  Please remember to sign up with “Remind”.  It’s a texting program that I will be using periodically to remind you of events/activities related to 5th grade!  It’s optional and free!

School pictures will be on Friday, August 28. Order forms went home last week.  Send me an email should you need another form.

Boy Scouts-  Don’t forget to join!

I am keeping track of behavior/conduct grades for each student; however I am unable to enter those grades into Jupiter at this time.  So far we are having a good year together!  If otherwise, I will let you know personally! 🙂


Monday:  Computer Lab 11:00-11:45; Music 2:00-2:45

Tuesday: PE 1:15-2:00

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Art 11:00-11:45

Friday:  PE 1:15-2:00