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Hello Parents!

Homework this week: vocab ws due Tues, reading log due Thurs, vocab quiz on Fri, and any unfinished work from class (on an individual basis).


6th: For the next 2 weeks, students will be introduced to, have practice with, & will identify the six traits of writing. We will likely get through trait #5 or 6 this week. Trait #4 is Word Choice, Trait #5 is Sentence Fluency, & Trait #6 is Conventions. Learning these traits will be key to developing their writing skills for the next three years.


 LA – Possessive nouns review p. 66-67

Blue Rdg Grp – “All American Childhood” p. 52, skills: point-of-view, context clues


LA – Plural nouns review p. 72

Yellow Rdg Grp – “Rio en Medio” p. 52-53, skills: confirming or adjusting predictions, conflict resolution, internal & external conflict

White Rdg Grp – “Cub Pilot on the Mississippi” p. 61, skills: confirming or adjusting predictions, plot analysis, external & internal conflict, flashbacks & foreshadowing in narrative structure.