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This week in Social Studies:

8th Grade Social Studies

We will start our discussion on the Explorers to reach the Americas. Talking about the Explorers that reached the shores of Canada 500 years before the reached today’s United States.

The Students will also talk about some of the Presidential Nominees’, starting with Biographies of each person.

saga, Middle Ages, monarch, manor, feudal system, serf, Crusades, Renaissance, navigation, caravel, Age of Exploration, enslaved person,mutiny, Taino, colony

7th Grade Social Studies:

This week we will start to locate countries in Africa. We will also start to highlight some of the different cultures of Africa.

6th Grade Social Studies:

We will continue to identify and locate European Countries. Looking at countries on a map and finding Capital Cities. We will start our discussion on Culture and highlight some of the countries that we are locating.