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Hello Parents,


Happy Monday!  Last week we completed our first full week and now we are on to number two!

The children are working on getting into a routine and learning our school rules. This will take some time, but I am confident we will get there!

***Please note that flip-flops and shoes with no straps in the back are not allowed to be worn at school. All students MUST wear socks at all times with their shoes.


THIS THURSDAY IS THE DEADLINE FOR ORDERING PRESCHOOL T-SHIRTS! We will have different occasions throughout the year that we will wear our shirts and we will wear them on the Kindergarten Bound Preschool Spring Program! :)Anyone can order! 🙂


We are starting a new procedure for behavior issues. Starting today, if we have to repeat ourselves several times regarding their choices they are making or if redirecting them doesn’t work, I will have the child clip down on their behavior chart. I feel that if they have a visual, it will help them make better choices and be responsible for their actions at school. I have explained this new procedure with the children today.

This is how the behavior chart will work. Everyone starts out in the Green everyday. If I have to remind someone more than three times about their choices, I will have them put their clip on the Yellow. Yellow is a warning to stop and think about their choices. If they continue with their choices, the next step is Red. If they click down to the Red, they will have a time out and a note goes home to their parents about their choices.

We will also have a behavior punch card. This is also a visual for the children. We will punch their card everyday IF, they did not have to clip down. Once they reach 20 punches on their card, they will be able to go to the prize box. This is also a good math lesson for them to help them count how many holes are in their card. J

The Kindergarten Bound Preschoolers will start on the letter Bb on Monday. Show-n-tell are on Fridays, they will need to bring one item that starts with the letter Bb this Friday.

We will also learn our letter sounds, what states start with the letter Bb if we can find any. 🙂 and writing the letter Bb. Along with our letter of the week activities, the children will explore their first addition this school year of the Let’s Find Out Magazine from Scholastic!

I encourage you to have your child practice at home writing their name and the letters we have done and the one that we are on for the week.

This Thursday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm is back to school night, I hope to see everyone Thursday, I will have information for your about what the children will do this year, the rules, special activities to put on your calendar and to see your child’s room!


We are continuing to learn the color Red and sing our Red song! We are also learning our months of the year, days of the week, weather and seasons.

Along with our academics, we are learning to share, listen and follow the class rules. We will not join the Kindergarten Bound Class on the behavior chart. This is the Lion Cubs first experience within a school setting therefore, we are going to use redirecting with the children or in incidents that require more attention, we will have them take a time out. When they are in the Kindergarten Bound Class next year, we will introduce the behavior chart to them, which I feel they will understand the concept better.

The Lion Cubs show-n-tell is always on Thursday’s. They can bring one item to share of their choice, please remember no toy weapons are allowed.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you on Thursday for back to school night!

Mrs. Mace