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                     Lord make me and instrument of your peace, where there is hatred, let me sow your love,


Week of August 17-21


Religion– We will learn about the prayer of Saint Francis and how it works as our theme for the year. August’s word is love. We will create heart maps. These will represent different things they care about, memories, qualities that make them special, and experiences that shape the love they share today.


Science-Scientific Method will help us look closer and dig deeper in all labs. My hope is to help students understand that scientists are always searching to notice things look for patterns and answer questions we have about how and why things work.



Social Studies-We will work to understand how rules and procedures create a successful and thriving community. We have set our “laws” now we will study our rights versus duties.



Math- 4th math: Chapter 1 Use of Numbers.   Numbers are used for many different purposes. We will discuss order and position as well as learn place value through the hundred thousands.


Reading– We will be reviewing the first comprehension strategy we learned this week. Your precious one will be sharing a Story Pyramid with you. I have to say they really rocked this strategy!   Gilly Hopkins is the main character of the novel we will start this week. As the week progresses ask you precious one what they think of Gilly. Would they like to be friends with her, and then ask them why or why not.




English-Basic review is how we will begin English or grammar.   Capitalization, punctuation, statements, commands, questions, and exclamations will be our starting point.   We will also work on making our sentences more interesting by not beginning sentences with articles, pronouns, and proper nouns. Continuing with this foundation we will learn more about each other. Our sentences will come from our interest inventories that we created last week.


Writing– We are about to publish our first poem!   We have been practicing diamantes and are going to combine them with a montage to complete our first writing project.



Vocabulary-No regular spelling lists for this bunch! We will learn origins of words, derivatives, and definitions.   Spelling of the words will come naturally with the work. This weeks theme will be words associated with teaching and learning.




Extra Extra



  • Monday: Art & Library
  • Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass   P.E. Back to school night…check THE ROAR for times
  • Friday: Library


Down the Road



  • Thursday August 20-Back to School Night
  • September 18-19 Saint Rose Parish Festival