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Hello Parents!

Vocabulary list #1 was passed out today. Students in grades 6-8 were given one page of vocab homework (due tomorrow) for individual grade lists. The vocab test & reading logs will be on Friday. Reading logs were explained today, but will be passed out on Thursdays each week.

A quick reminder: myself and Mr. Rounds will be out of the building at an all day training this Friday. My substitute will administer the vocabulary tests on Friday. Students are already aware of this, as well as the procedures for the quizzes.

6th: For the next 2-3 weeks, students will be introduced to, have practice with, & identify the six traits of writing. We will likely get through trait #3 this week. Trait #1 is Ideas, Trait #2 is Organization, & Trait #3 is Voice. Learning these traits will be key to developing their writing skills for the next three years.


 LA – Common & proper noun review p. 44

Blue Rdg Grp – “Papa’s Parrot” p. 26, skills: context clues & fiction vs. nonfiction


LA – Common & proper noun review p. 50

Yellow Rdg Grp – “Raymond’s Run” p. 38, skills: making & supporting predictions, plot analysis

White Rdg Grp – “A Retrieved Reformation” p. 28, skills: making & supporting predictions, plot analysis