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Here is what we will be doing this week in my room:

6th Math: This week, we will be working on exponents, order of operations, and will begin looking at words that       represent specific mathematical operations. Students will continue to bring home multiplication and long division practice problems as needed.

7th Math: Students will continue to work on adding integers, but our focus will be on subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers.

Prealgebra (8th grade math): Earlier in the week, we will focus on converting repeating decimals into fractions, cube roots, and reviewing the difference between rational and irrational numbers. Students should also be able to order rational and irrational numbers from least to greatest and place them on a number line. I would like to also review order of operations and solve problems containing combinations of rational numbers. It is my goal to have a quiz next week.

Algebra: Students will be simplifying radicals, as well as reviewing properties and exponent rules. They will also be multiplying radicals and simplifying fractions where there are radicals in the denominator.


6th Science: We will continue to work on physical and chemical properties of matter. This week, we will begin to focus on mass. We will discuss units and tools, as well as get some hands on experience finding the mass and volume of objects.

7th Science: Students will continue to focus on learning to identify the structures within a cell (both plant and animal) and the functions of those structures. Students will have a quiz on Wednesday. This quiz will be over labeling the parts of the cells. They will also have a quiz on Friday. This quiz will be over matching the part to its function. I provided each student with the quiz diagrams, as well as a ziploc bag of manipulatives to study with. They have answers keys in their notebooks. We have practiced in class, but several students need a lot of time outside to prepare.

8th science: We are beginning to talk about atoms and the periodic table. This week, we are focusing on the atomic theory and the scientists who have contributed. We will discuss them in class and students will create a timeline book. Some time will be spent in class working on it, but also some time outside of class will be needed.