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Just add Singers!

Our St. Rose Lions are off to a “roaring” good start in Music Class!  We have a week under our belt and all the classes from Lion Cubs to 8th grade have met for music class.  All classes have 45 minutes of Music Class a week.

In Preschool we do singing, moving and listening to music every week.  The special treat they seem to like is when I play my ukulele for them!

In Kindergarten we are listening to “The Carnival of the Animals”  each week.  We talk about the different instruments used and describe the sounds they make.  We are also working on keeping the steady beat and playing rhythm sticks.

First and second grade are working hard on learning the songs for Mass each week.  We also are working on “echoing” back the music I sing to them.  Ask them about the “Echo Song” and maybe they will teach it to you!

Third Grade and Fourth Grade love to sing!  In Third grade we are working on rounds and partner songs.  Fourth grade will be learning all the instrument families in the orchestra and where they belong in the orchestra.  They will learn recorders second semester, so we have to really work hard on reading music notation.

Fifth grade will be working on songs about our country.  We will learn the “Fifty Nifty United States” song soon and we have already started singing “This Land is Your Land”.  Keep those recorders handy because we will be using them later this year.

Middle School is concentrating on Music Appreciation.  We have a different focus every year.  This year is “Classical”.  This month we are studying J.S. Bach and the Baroque Period.  See if they can tell you what the word “Baroque” means.  They will be responsible for bringing their binders and keeping track of all their handouts.  We will be having quizzes periodically, so remind them to keep track of what’s going on.

5th through 8th grade can also join choir.  We had 16 students join on Thursday and they sound wonderful already!  Thanks for letting your student join!  You will be hearing more from them throughout the year!