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This week in Social Studies:

8th Grade Social Studies:
Monday until Wednesday we will be discussing the Geography of the Americas talking about the American Landscape and how it will be one of the greatest influences on our American History. We will have a Quiz on Wednesday over our discussion
Thursday and Friday we will start to talk about The First Americans. We will discuss the first people to discover the America’s and what they found and how they started to adapt to the land.

8th Parents and students there is a PRIDE meeting this Tuesday if your student is willilng to babysit please let me know. The money made goes to our 8th Grade Trip, Thanks

7th Grade Social Studies:
This week we will be discussing the World of Geography. Looking at the Five Themes of Geography and the geographer’s tools.

We will identify and locate countries and locate capital cities using latitude and longitude with many different tools.

6th Grade Social Studies:
All week we will be discussing the Earth’s Physical Geography. Looking at clues to help us understand our world.

Here is some key Vocabulary that they will be charged with knowing:
geography, cardinal directions, latitude, longitude, hemisphere, parallel, meridian, scale, distortion, geographic information systems, projection, compass rose, key