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RELIGIONWe will finish up Chapter 1 this week. I am looking at a test on Tuesday or Wednesday. Watch for my “test hints” in my daily email.  This will give you a clue on what will be on the test!   
**Don’t forget we have our All School Mass on Thursday at 8:30! 

 SPELLINGOur words this week will be words with LONG VOWEL sounds.  We will have a Pre-Test on Wednesday. If student does not receive a 100% on Wednesday, they will take the test again on Friday.  Friday’s score will be the one that is then counted as a grade.

Spelling List 8-10-15

READING We will be reading “Dear Juno”.  We will work on vocabulary, comprehension, character, setting, and plot. Last week we did “Reading Centers” and the students worked in small groups on 4 different activities that go with our Reading story.  This is something different that they seemed to enjoy!  We will do it again this week!

GRAMMARWe will continue with statements and questions as well as commands and exclamations. We will also look at mechanics of a sentence and proofreading sentences.  We will have a vocabulary book that we will be working on this year, but we are waiting for the books that were ordered to be delivered.

MATH We will be working on finding a number pattern, and place value to the Ten Thousands and Hundred Thousands Place.  Depending on how our week goes, we will have a test on Friday or next Tuesday.  Watch the homework journals/emails for up-to-date information, as well as “test hints”!

SCIENCEWe will continue with Chapter 1 in Science.  We will look at the needs of plants and the life cycle of plants.  

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will focus on Science for the first few weeks!


**Don’t forget that this week is our Back To School Nights!  Wednesday is for the Middle School Grades.  Thursday is for Pre-School – 5th Grade.  It will start in the PLC (gym/cafeteria) at 6:30pm.  We will then have 2 sessions in the classrooms.  You can choose which rooms to go to if you have more than one child.

**Students will need to bring a change of clothes for PE CLASS on Thursday.  This can be shorts and a t-shirt (Field day shirt, camp shirt, etc.)  Please be sure shorts are NOT short-shorts.  Please be sure to have appropriate shoes for PE Class! WE WILL ONLY CHANGE CLOTHES FOR THE THURSDAY PE CLASS EACH WEEK!

**School Uniform reminder – Be sure your child is wearing socks with any and all types of shoes.


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