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Here is what is going on for the week in Mrs. Roessler’s class:


6th Math: We are reviewing multi-digit multiplication and long division. Students should practice their fast facts if needed. This will be important to their success this year.


7th Math: We will spend the early part of the week reviewing integers: comparing, ordering, absolute value, and opposites. We will then begin to add integers. This will be review for some but may be new for others.


Prealgebra (8th grade math): We will review square roots and identifying types of numbers, as well as comparing and ordering rational numbers on a number line.


Algebra: We will review square roots and identifying types of numbers. We will also review how to simplify expressions. This will take us into simplifying radical expressions.


6th Science: This week, we will begin our unit on properties of matter. This will intertwine with a unit on the scientific method as we also focus on lab skills. We will talk about physical properties of matter, such as mass, volume, and length.


7th Science: We will begin our cell unit this week. Students will learn the parts of a cell, as well as each part’s function. They will also be expected to label a plant and animal diagram with the parts.


8th Science: We will discuss the states of matter, changes of state, temperature, and heat. This will prepare students for our upcoming periodic table unit.