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Welcome back to all students and families, and a big welcome to all the new families!

Each week, I will give a brief overview here of this week’s topics in Religion class.  For this week, I wanted to clarify the supply list and offer a quick glance at what we’ll be doing for the year:

7th grade students should have a binder (no tabs/dividers are needed) for taking class notes and keeping handouts, etc.   In addition, each one should have a notebook to use as a journal, as well as a Catholic Bible for use at home (it will not be brought to class).

7th graders will focus on the Gospels and the Life of Christ – His birth, His teaching, the miracles He performed, the parables He told, and His suffering and death on the Cross.  Woven in among the stories of Jesus’ life and death on earth, we will also go into some depth in studying the 7 Sacraments.  Baptism will be studied along with the story of Jesus’ Baptism; Marriage will be studied along with the Wedding Feast of Cana, etc.  The goal for this year is not just to know more about Jesus, but to KNOW Jesus better.

Hope to see you all at back to school night!

God bless you all,

Mrs. O’Brien