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Hello Parents,

We have two days under our belts and I wanted to send a quick email to all of you with information for next week.

Dress Code:

Students have to wear socks at all times, even with sandals! Flip-flops and Croc’s are not allowed. No spaghetti straps without wearing a sweater, which will need to be worn at all times.

Remember we are dismissing at 2:30pm for Preschool only. If you have older children, you will need to pick-up you preschooler then get back in the all school car line dismissal. If you are not able to get here at 2:30pm, you will need to park your car and walk-in to pick-up your child. We will be sitting in the Atrium on the benches. After 3:00pm you will need to pick your child up in Extended Care. Please be aware, you may be charged for the time your child is in Extended Care.

Morning Drop off:

I am hoping to get everyone in a routine and have morning pick up go smoother than these last two days, but with yesterday being our first day, the weather and our ribbon cutting ceremony today, it has been a little shuffled.

As a parent myself I do remember what it was like to drop your child off in tears. Trust me, they are smiling, laughing and playing within 10 minutes of you leaving. Not that they don’t need you and miss you!!! It is the separation anxiety that takes a little time to adjust to. In the 18 years of teaching preschool, I will never tell a parent to go ahead and leave however, I would like to give some advice to parents who are new to all of this, it is much better with a clean break in the morning. When you drop off, reassure your child that you will see them when you pick them up and can’t wait to hear about their day. Sometimes when you wait to long to leave, your child becomes more anxious and the leaving becomes worse on you. While you are driving to work upset that your child is upset, he/she is playing and having a great day.

We do have some children that will take longer to adjust to a school routine, but they all adjust in time. I will never let a child be upset all day without notifying you!

Paper Work:

Please check your child’s book bag today for forms to be filled out and returned. Lion Cubs forms will be sent home on Tuesday.

Next Week:

We will start our ABC’s next week with the Kindergarten Bound Class. We will start with the letter Aa and go in order throughout the school year. Every Friday for Kindergarten Bound Preschoolers, the KB children will bring one item that starts with the letter of the week for show-n-tell. We do not allow toy weapons of any kind to brought in for show-n-tell. If your child wants to bring in an animal that may start with the letter of the week, all is welcome. Just let me know in advance, so I may prepare for your guest. BUT…NO SNAKES FOR THE LETTER Ss! J Every Thursday will be the Lion Cubs show-n-tell. They can bring one item of their choice for show-n-tell. BUT…. NO SNAKES! J J and they are also not allowed to bring toy weapons for show-n-tell.

House Keeping Notes:

· Any bags that had supplies in them from the 1st day of school can be picked up in the Kindergarten Bound Room if you are wanting it back.

· Would you please email me or send me a note letting me know what your child’s schedule is when they come to school? Example: Will your child leave at 11:30 everyday? Will your child be a car rider at 2:30pm everyday? Will your child go to Extended Care everyday? Or, will your child do a little of each during the week?

I have a link for our Preschool T-Shirts. The deadline is August 20. If we do not receive at least 40
orders for the Preschool T-shirts, the order will be cancelled and we will not be able to have preschool
shirts or money for our end of the year activities. Adults can order too! This is a little fundraiser for the
Preschool Program to be used at the end of the school year! Please help your children raise money, so they
can have extra treats and surprises at the end of the year! J Thank you for your support!

Link to order your Preschool Shirts: https://www.booster.com/strosepreschoolfundraiser


I forgot to put on the Preschool Supply, the children need a folder for their papers. Please make sure you put their names on the FRONT of the folder.

We serve the children a snack everyday. I am asking the parents to send in a non-parishable snack that will feed their child’s class.

· Kindergarten Bound Class: 24 children

· Lion Cubs Class: 9 children

Ideas for snacks:

Cheese Crackers
Chex Mix
Fruit Snacks
Jell-O Cups
Vanilla Wafers

These are just a few suggestions to help you. J

Until next week! Have a wonderful weekend and we will see all of you on Monday!

Mrs. Mace