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First Grade All About Us

Our story for the week is “Animal Moms and Dads”.  In science we will also study about how animals care for their young in the wild.


 Language Arts


 This week we will learn that Baptism is a gift.


We will learn about digraphs th, ng and ee, and suffixes -ing and -ed.   We’re working really hard on writing good sentences. We will be working with pattern blocks this week, and as usual addition and subtraction.  We’ve started using Fast Math.  It’s an amazing math app our school has purchased, to help students practice their facts without flash cards.  It uses a visual so they can see the facts they have mastered.  When they’ve mastered all of them the chart is completely shaded.  When they master a stage, they are given an opportunity to play math “addition games”.


Science/Social Studies


 List #1

on                 no                 not

top                pop              I

in                it               pin


Sentence:  Pin it on.


We’re learning about how animals take care of their babies. COMPUTER – Fri. 8:45- 9:30  PE-Mon. & Wed. @ 1:15  ART – Tues. @ 9:30  LIBRARY – Fri. @ 11:45  MUSIC- Thurs. @ 11:45
Our Mass will be on Thursday this week as usual.  Mass uniforms are required.  Parents are cordially invited to attend.
 Our first field trip will be to Kelsey Dairy Farm.  I will let you know the date when it is confirmed.
 We’re SO thankful for the snack donations!!

FYI-  If you need to contact me, my email address is [email protected]  You may also text me at 317-525-7603.



Monday-  Read “One Frog, Two Frogs” and “Animal Moms and Dads”  in the reader.

Tuesday- Study for spelling assessment

Wednesday-  Read leveled reader.  Remember Mass uniform for Thursday

Thursday- Study for spelling assessment if needed

Friday- Spelling words will come home for next week.