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Winie the Pooh

Whew! We made it through our first FULL week of Kindergarten and we are all still SMILING!  Please make sure to give your child an EXTRA HUG today! They have been working hard this week and have been working hard to listen carefully. We have a little work to do in the areas of interrupting and talking when the teacher is talking, but that is age appropriate so we’ll just keep working on it.   However, your gentle reminders at home are very helpful!  The first couple of weeks can sometimes be “difficult” as we get used to all of the new procedures and routines here at school, but the children are off to a GREAT start. I’m sure they probably think I sound like a broken record by now and I certainly agree with them!  I know how hard it can be coming off of summer break, but please be sure to help your child continue to be successful by making sure they are getting to bed “early” (hopefully by 8:00 p.m.; 8:30 at the latest) and eating a healthy breakfast before school. Several of the children appeared to be very tired this week.   This truly makes a difference in their education.


Monday:  P.E. w/Mr. Rounds (Kdg. & 1st grade)

Tuesday:  P.E. w/Mr. Rounds (Kdg. only)

Wednesday:  Library w/Ms. Sargent

Thursday:  Mass @ 8:30 a.m. & Music w/Mrs.


Friday:  Art w/Ms. Sargent

**Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes every Mon./Tues. for P.E. and their mass uniform every Thursday (Boys: navy pants & white shirt.  Girls: plaid jumper/skirt & white shirt). All school masses will be announced if they fall on a day other than Thursday. Please be sure that if your daughter wears a jumper or skirt to school that it is our St. Rose plaid jumper/skirts. Navy or tan jumpers/skirts are not part of our school uniform. Cargo shorts/pants for boys are also not part of the school uniform except on “out of uniform days.”  Kindergarten students are NOT required to wear belts.  If your child cannot fasten his/her belt on their own, please don’t have them wear one.  You can find the handbook on our website by clicking on “About the Lions” and then “Quick Links.”**


The children should come to the PLC when they arrive to school EVERY Monday. We will go to our classroom following assembly. For those of you that are new to St. Rose this is a time in which we meet to pray together, announce important information and special events at the beginning of each week. ALL ARE WELCOME!

**Please be sure to send in a copy of your child’s immunization records and a copy of their birth certificate if you haven’t already done so. If you send them with your child I will make sure they get to the office or you can drop them off to Mrs. Morales. Please be sure to hand in your emergency forms as well. We are still missing some of these important forms!**


Beginning Monday, August 17th , we will begin having SHOW-AND-TELL. We will only be doing SHOW-AND-TELL the 1st semester.   During the 2nd semester there will be a different activity (surprise bucket, more info. later) to replace this one. This exercise develops both speaking and listening skills, as the children are encouraged to talk and share with the group. Each child may bring ONE favorite possession, a picture, a book, something he/she has made, a souvenir from a trip or something from nature, etc. (NO toy guns please). I’m not opposed to “living things” (except cats, due to allergies), but please give me a heads up if your child plans on bringing in a “living thing.”   I like surprises, however, I want to make sure we are prepared if need be and if time allows on that particular day.  Your child will be asked to tell us THREE things about the item they choose to bring in to share with the class. It is a good idea to talk about this with your child before his/her turn so they are better prepared. Your child is EXPECTED to do this each week so please help your child to remember his/her ASSIGNED DAY EVERY WEEK (listed below). Your child’s show & tell day will be the SAME day EVERY week:

*Tuesday:  Maddie, Vaylen, Torie, Lilli & Owen

*Wednesday:  Bryson, Alayna, Hugo, Emerson & Jillian

*Thursday:  Logan, Emily, Chloe & Elisa

*Friday:  Evey, Anthony, Ali & William


*8/14   Spirit Day

*8/19   ”Back To School Night” for Middle School parents only 6-7:30 p.m.

*8/20  “Back To School Night” for parents of students in grades Pre-school-5 only from 6-7:30 p.m. Hopefully at least one parent will be able to attend to hear important information about Kindergarten (students do not need to attend). We will begin in the PLC at 6:00 before meeting in my classroom. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you and I know your children are looking forward to YOU being the “student.”  There will be more than one session in my room in case you have another classroom teacher to visit.

*8/23  Feast of St. Rose/Parish picnic following 11:30 mass.  All are welcome!

*8/28 School Pictures (your child does NOT have to wear their school uniform on this day; this is an out of uniform day for pictures).



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*Please be sure to remind your child before coming to school if you put important notes or lunch money in their backpack so they remember to give it to me when they arrive. We remind them every morning when they get here to check, but your reminders are very helpful as well.

*Library books are due every Wednesday.  In order for your child to check out a book each week, they must return their book.

*If sweaters or sweatshirts are worn during the day, they must be navy or white or must have the St. Rose emblem on them. Some of the children were complaining of being cold this week in my classroom. It might be a good idea to have your child keep a sweater or sweatshirt in their backpack for when they are cold.

*Please be sure you put your child’s name on all of his/her belongings. It’s amazing what shows up in our lost and found every year without a name.

*Please remember to check your e-mail EVERY day for e-mail messages from me OR the school. You will find a newsletter (The Roar) from Mrs. Floyd every Monday AND my weekly newsletter every Friday.  I do not send messages every day, but will send out occasional messages to keep you in the loop.  PLEASE be sure to let me know if you have a change in e-mail address or are having any computer issues so we can make sure you are receiving all of the important communication from St. Rose.  PLEASE be sure to read my newsletter every Friday for important information pertaining to Kindergarten.  If at any time you need to refer back to it, you can find it in the Kindergarten Blog on our website www.stroselions.net.  Please be sure to visit our website daily to see all of the happenings going on at St. Rose School.

*Today I will begin sending home Friday folders (red folders). This will come home EVERY Friday. These folders will have papers that your child has done throughout the week and any other important school information that may need to come home. Please be sure to empty, sign and return your child’s folder every Monday. There is a comment section in the folder in case you have any questions, concerns or comments you’d like to share. Please write a note in the COMMENT section of the Friday folder if you received the link to my “blog” to read my weekly newsletter today so I can be sure our e-mail is working through Jupiter. Hopefully everyone received it via e-mail and I will a comment from everyone this week to confirm.  Thank you!

*Next week I will be doing some beginning of the year assessments on letter recognition, letter sounds and number recognition just to get an idea of where my students are at this time.  I will send home a letter with the results in next week’s Friday folder.


*Thank you for the snacks that have already been sent in this week. We really appreciate your help!

*Thank you for sending in all of your child’s school supplies (if your child is missing any school supplies, you will find a reminder in his/her Friday folder.)

*Thanks to all who attended the PRIDE meeting this week.

*THANK YOU for choosing St. Rose School for your child’s education! It’s going to be a GREAT year! The children have had an AWESOME week and we are so PROUD of them!   They all did a GREAT job in mass on Thursday! WOW!

Each week there will be an “ask me about” section in my newsletter. Hopefully by the end of the week you have already heard about some of the things we have been doing in school. If not, I would like to encourage you to ask your child about the things listed in this section. Too often when we ask, “What did you do in school today?” the response we get is “oh, nothing.” J I would like for this section to be a tool you can use to help your child better communicate with you.


Ask me about…

…our morning message, calendar time & keeping track of the weather

…counting pennies & straws; making a trade with 5 pennies for a nickel

…our classroom rules & classroom helpers/jobs

…”special” classes (Library, P.E., Music & Art)

…some of the books we read this week

…the “red” song and things that are red

…the name game (Fishy, Fishy in the sea…)

…our word wall and what “words” we put on it; clapping out how many parts our names have

…our “bee”havior chart (I’ll fill you in on “Back To School Night)

…”Give Me Five”

…star cards

…taking a tour of the school

…going to mass & how we can welcome others

…Spirit Day activity

…meeting our 8th grade buddies