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2015 FOOTBALL CAMP Information

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying there summer break. As it is closing and getting closer to and end we see our selfs and our young me getting ready for school and for the great sport offootball. Myself, Ted Fries and Ben Martin are super excited about our up and coming season!  We would like to extend out to everyone that we will continue with our past tradition of our early footballcamp. This will take place the week of July 27-31. The time will be from 6pm till 7:30pm each night.

There is no charge for this camp.  All the boys need is shorts, t shirts, water and a lot of energy and excitement for the up coming season. Our football camp in the past has been an opportunity for first year boys to get introduced to the great game of football. All prior young men are encouraged to come and to help with the younger boys and to also get back in touch with their football families. This is a free camp for all who attend. Please feel free if you have any questions to contact myself or Ted Fries with anything.

We have had great success with our program over the last 6 years and we hope it will continue to grow.


Football Season Is Upon Us!
Ted Fries
Travis Henry