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Dear Parents,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well!  We have missed seeing familiar faces and are welcoming many new families to St. Rose! We have made some necessary changes to enhance the learning and our space.  Our pre-school Kindergarten Bound has moved to the ‘brand new’ studio.  It is coming along nicely with fresh paint, new carpet and a new restroom.  There is plenty of room for the  wee-ones to romp around while learning!  Mrs. Adams and her first grade scholars have moved across the hall from Mrs. Boring’s Kindergarten class.  Our very own Mrs. Tieken, with her 4th grade intellectuals, will be nestled in the former first grade room.  Second grade will be with Ms. Coleman in the ‘old’ fourth grade room.  The ‘bright’ yellow room is now the art/music duo room for Ms. Sargent’s artists and Mrs. Langferman’s musicians.  Not only will this keep all our Lions from having to saunter in and out of the main building but it will also enhance our security.

Thanks to countless volunteers and faithful stewards the tile floors have been waxed, rooms have been painted, carpets have been cleaned, and every nook and cranny is or will be shined.  Our curriculum is set, our teachers are refreshed and our staff is eager to begin!  The only thing we are missing is our Roaring Lions!  Our theme this year is ‘Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace’ from the St. Francis of Assisi prayer.  We thought it befitting with Pope Francis visiting America soon that we focus on peace and love.  Each month we will expand on parts of the prayer to strengthen our love and devotion to Christ.

Our school calendar is available on our website.   Three key announcements are:  pool party on Monday, August 3rd at Franklin Pools and school begins Thursday, August 6th.  Our new grading system this year is Jupiter.  We will be emailing you log-in information soon.  We are looking forward to beginning our 22nd school year with prayer, service and celebration!

Feel free to give me a call or email any questions.  We are looking forward to a wonderful school year filled with many successes!  Enjoy these last few weeks together.  Hope you and your children enjoy the rest of summer (I’ll pray for sunshine)!


God Bless,

Rebecca Floyd