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Despite the weather, our 2015 Field Day was wildly successful! The rain couldn’t put a damper on all the fun games, races, and events of the day.  The students enjoyed everything from competing in the bucket races to running an obstacle course.  Rolling down the hill in a giant “bubble” is always a hit, too!  And let’s not forget about the parade of flags!  Wow! Those were pretty creative!  St. Rose kids are very artistic!


We want to thank our many parent and friend volunteers for helping out with Field Day!  We certainly couldn’t do it without you!   We especially loved seeing our former students return for the day to lend a hand!  Once a lion, always a lion!


Also, a huge thanks to Mrs. Hildenbrand and Miss Sargent for organizing this popular event from start to finish!  Your continued commitment to St. Rose doesn’t go unnoticed!  The kids really have a ball thanks to both of you!

We are already looking forward to this special day next school year!