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This week we will read the story “Cool Jobs”




     We’re learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit this week- Joy, peace, self-control, patience, gentleness, love, and kindness.    We will review final stable syllables such as -tion. We will also be learning about pronouns.      We will begin measurement in nonstandard units, inches and centimeters.
         Spelling List #25
Taping     tapping     meter

Study      sounded     catch

Edge       reporting   caution

Boxes     change       often

We chose to move to another room.

 We will be learning about seeds and plants. COMPUTER – Thurs. @ 11:45PE-Mon. & Fri. @ 1:15ART – Thurs. @ 9:30

LIBRARY – Tues. @ 8:45

MUSIC- Wed. @ 1:15


             This Thursday Mass will be planned by 5th grade. Children should wear Mass uniforms as usual.
             Spelling assessments will be on Wednesday and Thursday this week due to Field Day on Friday.
             We will have our “Camp-Read-a-Lot” field trip on May 18th. We begin at the Library for a presentation by the children’s librarian, followed by lunch in the park and a science activity. Sorry the permission slips did not come home last week. I will try to send them tomorrow. Thank you for all that you do!
           Lots of events are coming up, beginning with field day this Friday. Children may wear PE type clothing for field day but will change into their team color shirts here at school. Check your Know News for upcoming school events.  
          We’re a little low on snacks right now. Thanks for your contributions!          





Monday             Read “A Job for You”, “Cool Jobs” and “Jobs at School” or other assigned reading. We will try to remember to also send readers home on Tuesday this week.




Tuesday            Math homework

Study for Spelling Assessment




Wednesday         Read AR Books

Study for spelling test



Thursday        No homework- Field Day on Friday



Friday               No spelling words next week!