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Below are the curricular activities for the week May 4- 8, 2015

We will do Chapter 18 . We will discuss celebrating Peace and Service. If time permits we will also to Chapter 19 about Peace and Justice. These are both chapters dealing with topics that we have already discussed.

We will be attending Mass on Thursday this week. Second Grade will be doing the jobs, and reading!

This week we will be reading the story, “ ”. Our skills will include word endings, plural endings, proofreading, comparing and contrasting, and vocabulary words. Our Phonics skills will include the changing rule, the doubling rule and the age suffix.

We will work with numbers to thousands. This will include comparing number values, writing numbers in different ways, and adding large three digit numbers. We will also be reviewing all of the past topics from the previous lessons!
Our spelling list for this week will be words with prefixes and suffixes, compounds words, a few review words and sight words. We will continue with the different lists. Please help your child work on their list!We will be writing all 15 basic words in cursive on our tests. We will also be writing ALL of the dictation sentences in cursive this week.

Social Studies – Our topic
We will talk clues about the past found in rocks, and what these clues teach us.

We have worked on all of the cursive letters. We will begin doing more and more of our work in cursive.
Monday – P.E. 1:15 – 2:00 pm
Tuesday – Music 2:00 – 2:45pm
Wednesday – Computer 10:15-11:00am
Wednesday – P.E. 2:00-2:45
Thursday – Mass 8:30 am
Friday – Art 10:15-11:00 am
Library 12:45-1:30pm

K-8 Students will attend Mass on Thursday at 8:30 am

Students will need to wear gym shoes on Monday and Wednesday.

Thursday, Second grade will be doing the jobs and readings at Mass. I will have all of the jobs assigned on Tuesday. Chaeck with your child to see if they have a job or reading. Join us at 8:30 am if you can!
Friday, May 8th we will be going to the Book Fair. We will shop and purchase all on Friday. Most books cost between 3 and 5 dollars. Order forms are coming home today. There will only be books this year. No pencils, erasers etc.

I am needing drivers and help with the day for our trip on Tuesday, May 19th. If you are able to help please let me know ASAP.