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This week we will read the story “Whistle for Willie”





     We’re learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit this week- Joy, peace, self-control, patience, gentleness, love, and kindness. We will review final stable syllables such as

-tion. We will also be learning about pronouns.

     We will be reviewing subtraction and focusing on subtracting numbers to 20.
         Spelling List #24
before       seven     large

write         know     hopped

hoped       trading chipped

playground again     country


The wind made the trees sway.

     We will begin learning about seeds and plants. COMPUTER – Thurs. @ 11:45

PE-Mon. & Fri. @ 1:15

ART – Thurs. @ 9:30

LIBRARY – Tues. @ 8:45

MUSIC- Wed. @ 1:15


           This Thursday Mass will be planned by 2nd grade. Children should wear Mass uniforms as usual.
             We will have our “Camp-Read-a-Lot” field trip on May 18th. We begin at the Library for a presentation by the children’s librarian, followed by lunch in the park and a science activity. We will be sending home permission slips this week. You may indicate on the permission slip if you can drive or email me. Thank you for all that you do!
          We’re a little low on snacks right now. Thanks for your contributions!  J        



Monday              Read “Nothing Stops Cory” and “Whistle for Willie” or other assigned reading. We will try to remember to also send readers home on Tuesday this week.

Tuesday             Math homework

Study for Spelling Assessment

Wednesday        Read AR Books

Thursday        Math homework

Study for Spelling Assessment

(AR books)

Friday       Look over spelling words for next week.