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What is happening in the Middle School this week?

Date Monday, April 27, 2015,

religionThis week, the middle school religion classes will be studying the following:

8th grade will be taking the ISTEP test during some of their religion classes,  and will be planning Thursday’s Mass. As time allows, we will be watching  “The Reluctant Saint,” a movie that we began this week about Saint Joseph  Cupertino.  7th grade will continue a chapter on “Opposition to Jesus,” focusing on  Jesus’ suffering in various ways and ultimately on His death and then  Resurrection. In addition, class discussion with tie this in with the Christian  understanding of suffering and death in our own lives.  6th grade will continue the unit we began last week, on the Divided  Kingdom (The period of Old Testament history when the United Kingdom of  Israel split into Israel and Judah).

socialstudies Learning Targets this week:  ISTEP+ testing this week  8th Grade SS: Sectional differences 1820-1860  Why economic development of the North and South differed  How economics affected the individual and family life  7th Grade SS: Model UN  Human Rights and Religion Speeches.  Resolution to resolve the North Africa and European problem  6th Grade: Canada and the US  Describe how technology and innovation have change the culture in the last 100 years  What major events since World War II have shaped North America.


langarts*Mrs. Eberhart will be out Monday and Tuesday. I will not change her entry from  last week. Please assume that reading logs are still due on Friday. 

6th – Reading logs due Friday & vocab quiz this Friday as well. Reading groups 6B & 6C  will continue reading, Freak the Mighty this week w/ comprehension questions & quizzes  for chapters 11-15 as they read. Group 6A will begin pre-reading for Freak the Mighty.  Setting and mood will be discussed/practiced as we read this week as well.

7th – Vocab quiz & reading logs due Friday. Pre-reading for The Giver will continue this  week as groups create future societies and consider aspects such as: transportation,  home life, government, food supplies, security, & education. This will directly relate to the  very unique society that exists in the book. They will share these with the class and we  will begin the novel when this is finished. If we read past chapter 5, there will be a quiz  over ch. 1-5.

8th – Vocab quiz & reading logs due Friday. Reading, Stargirl will begin this week. We will  have continuing discussions about bullying and consequences, prevention, etc as we read  as well. There will be a quiz over ch. 1-5 as we finish them.


No quizzes this week due to ISTEP. *Everything below is contingent on ISTEP testing times  and may change.  6 Blue- Students are working on converting percents, fractions, and decimals.  6 Gold- We are continuing to work on quartiles, MAD, box plots, and then will learn how  to create histograms.  7th Grade Math: We will review basic probability and compare theoretical and  experimental probability.  7th Prealgebra: See 7th math above.  8th Prealgebra: Students are continuing to work on graphing linear functions. They will  graph using slope-intercept form and solve systems of linear equations.  Algebra: Students attending Roncalli will NOT be taking the Roncalli Algebra placement  exam in May due to them taking the ECA exam. We are continuing to focus heavily on  reviewing for the ECA exam, which we will take here at school the week after ISTEP and  the 8th grade trip. Please do not schedule any appointments for the mornings of that  week.

Science Header1 6th: This week, we will focus on electricity. We are working on building series and parallel  circuits. Final lab reports due Friday! Project presentations will begin next week.

7th: Our science time is being used for ISTEP testing _ Abstracts and source pages due  Friday. Presentations will start next week if time allows!

8th: We will start talking about alternative forms of energy and human impact on Earth as  time allows. Abstracts and source page due Friday! Presentations begin the week of the  11th!  Math  Science