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St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Admissions Process

Message from Mrs. Schroeder–April 2021

Hello all!

Spring is here and it brings with it many fun and faith-filled activities for the school and parish. As Lent came to an end the 8th graders presented a very moving presentation of Mary’s Way of the Cross on Good Friday. This was attended by all students in the school gym. As we have moved into the Easter Season, we remember that God forgave us our sins and renewed us in the spirit.  This spring has begun a time of looking back and being thankful for the time we have been together this school. We have been very blessed to have in-person classes every day this year and our grateful that we will end the school year together. Looking ahead for the last five weeks of school we are starting to plan the fun end of the year activities that we missed in 2020. The 8th graders will begin preparation for May Crowning, the Mini 500, a class trip and graduation. The staff is looking forward to a fun night at the Dinner Auction with many of our new and former staff and visitors. The theme this year is Circus! 

The whole school is anxiously anticipating Field Day when we will get to participate in many outdoor activities, even a dunk tank! Thanks to the many donations made to make this event possible. 

While we are all excited about the end of the school year, we will also be sad to leave our friends and the comforts of our school. I am excited to say that 2021-2022 is already shaping up to be a fabulous school year…plans are being made for great things to come. 

God bless all of you,

Mrs. Schroeder

Father’s Message – April 15, 2021

Dear Folks,

As we continue our journey through the Easter Season, many good things are taking place.  The ramped up vaccination program is slowly freeing us up to resume normal activities.  However, it is important for us to stay the course on preventive measures such as  physical distancing, the wearing of masks, and the washing of hands.  I want to congratulate your efforts thus far which has enabled us to avoid the spreading of the virus at the school and parish.

With this in mind I want to encourage everyone to take full advantage of the Spring activities of the school and parish.  The special days at school, the Dinner Auction, and the 8th Grade Trip make the Spring a great time at St. Rose School.  As we celebrate these events let’s make every effort to keep ourselves centered upon God’s presence within us and among us.  With God’s help, this can continue to be a great spiritual year for St. Rose of Lima School.

Fr. Steve

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