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St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Admissions Process

Mrs. Schroeder’s Message–September 2020

Jesus is the Face of the Beatitudes
       The message of the Beatitudes takes on a whole new level of meaning when we realize that they are a mini biography of Jesus’ life., He is the ultimate peacemaker, He has the purest heart, He is merciful, and most importantly, He was persecuted–for us! The road to happiness may not be easy, but Jesus gave us the blueprint. All we have to do is follow it!
       This year we will use the Beatitudes as a guide for our actions and thoughts. We will spend time each month learning about the Beatitudes and how they are our blueprint for life. Our Character Development lessons will also be centered around the Beatitudes each month.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inhert the earth.
Character Development–Citizenship

Father’s Message – September 13, 2020

Dear Folks,

As we begin the 5th week of school, it is affirming to see how the students continue to adapt to the challenge of the pandemic. They are an inspiration as they plunge ahead with their learning and extra curricular activities in the school. Their collaboration is a confidence builder to the staff of the parish and school.

As we continue to make every effort to make the school as safe as possible, we are in the process of acquiring top of the line air purifiers for every class room. At a cost of $190 each we will need about $4,000 to cover every area of our facilities. If you would like to help out bring a check to the school or parish offices. You can find further info by clicking on this link Air Purifier.

We will continue to make every effort to keep ourselves centered upon God’s presence within us and among us.  With God’s help, this can be a great spiritual year for St. Rose of Lima School.

Fr. Steve


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