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St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Admissions Process

Message from Mrs. Schroeder–November 2020

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed

This is the time of year when we like to stop and count our blessings. That is especially true as 2020 has made many of us stop and think about what is truly important and how we are blessed in so many ways. One of my biggest blessings is my St. Rose family….from the students, to the staff, and all the families who support and love our school. It was truly a blessing when God led me down the path to St. Rose and allowed me to bring all of the school community into my heart and home. With the many trying times we have seen this year, let us take just a minute to stop and think about all God has given us and what wonderful adventures and times are ahead of us.

God bless all of you,

Mrs. Schroeder

Father’s Message – November 6, 2020

Dear Folks,

As we slowly move towards the holiday season, I want to thank everyone for your cooperation in mitigating the coronavirus.  Youth, parents, and staff are adhering to the guidelines for the pandemic.  People stepped forward to pay the full cost of the air purifiers now utilized in the school.  Many thanks to the individuals who stepped forward to cover the $4,000 cost.  Last Friday we had the outdoor Trunk or Treat which was a great success for St. Rose and friends in the community who joined us.  We’re researching ideas for other outdoor events that we might be able to do over Christmas.  Many thanks to all of the volunteers and staff who made this event a success!

You may view a collage of our Trunk or Treat by clicking on the following link.   Trunk or Treat 2020

I want to offer people a word of encouragement as we observe the rise in covid-19 cases in our community.  Thus far we have been blessed at St. Rose with no known spread of the virus at the parish or school.  We have worked hard to follow all of the guidelines.  We need to stay the course on this here at St. Rose and in our homes, places of work, and shopping.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  But we are still several months before the activation of vaccination programs will begin to significantly bring down the rates of infection.  We need to remember that vaccination programs are a process not a single moment.  Boosters might be needed down the road.  And, large numbers of people must participate to make a critical difference.  We are experiencing together this pandemic.  We will get through this together by working together with each of us doing our part to protect one another.

We will continue to make every effort to keep ourselves centered upon God’s presence within us and among us.  With God’s help, this can continue to be a great spiritual year for St. Rose of Lima School.

Fr. Steve


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