Fall Kickball

Season Time Frame: Early August – Early October

Age Group: 4th – 8th graders

(3rd Graders Spring Only)

The CYO Girls Fall Kickball Program is open to girls in grades 4-8 ONLY with competition divided into five leagues – 4th grade, 56 (A & B) and Cadet (A & B).

In order to register your child(ren) you will register on the CYO website with OLG.

  1. Please login to the website with your personal login.  www.cyoarchindy.org
  2. On the left hand column click “Request Dual School”.
  3. The OLG school code is 170OLGD-IN
  4. Add your student and make sure to put all the correct information in the boxes. This is important so your child is placed on the correct team.
  5. Then click “Sports” on the bottom left
  6. Click Register Now under the 2017 Fall Kickball
  7. Select your child and fill out the remaining information
  8. Payment ($80.00) is due in order to finalize your registration. OLG accepts payments online ONLY. You can’t send payment to SRS please pay online.